Monday, January 26, 2009

Religious Muslim Snuff Film

I have come across one of the worst things I have ever seen on the web, a compilation video of murders by Muslims. There are scenes of people being shot but mainly it is people having their heads laboriously sawn off. You can tell the murderers are Muslim because they become so excited at spilling blood that they scream Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar is the phrase screamed when Muslims have killed, are killing or when they want to kill. It seems to serve no religious purpose beyond violence.

Here is the truly horrible snuff video.

The video site,, where this video is hosted seems to be buggy. McAfee detected something called Vundo!grb when I ran the video. Avoid in the future. Liveleak has many of the qualities of an alt youtube that this site aspires to be without the cheesy and buggy advertising.

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Timbo said...

Enough with the shock stuff, already. (Plus, by your own admission, it's a predatory website. So why the link?)

Let's see some good new content!