Friday, June 17, 2005

Slimier Mold Site

I was having a D&D flashback so I went googling for slime mold. I came accross this site with some great pictures. The only problem is that through the site has been created a university, by a prof and is hosted on university server. This site has a restricted sense of copyright.

We have received hundreds of requests from various organizations, agencies and individuals to use photos and information from Wayne's Word on their web sites and in published newsletters, compact discs, books, etc. All of the articles and 99.9% of all the photos and illustrations in Wayne's Word are copyright protected and may not be used in other on-line, CD or printed publications without our expressed written permission. This includes the display of our images and illustrations on other web sites. For anyone interested in this material, you may place hyperlinks (but no frames) to anchor tags on our pages from your web sites. See for high resolution .tif images available for publications.

No picture, spectacular as they may be. Instead go here for slime.

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