Sunday, December 25, 2005

More Bad Taste from Ted Rall

More disturbing satire from Ted Rall.

Jesus is a popular figure for statirists and comics. In TV series South Park Jesus, the son of God and the host of a cable access program has a boxing match with Satan. The entire town bets on Satan over Jesus. Satan in the red trunks 7'8" weighing over 500 pounds fought Jesus in the white trunks 5'8" 150 Pounds. Satan took a dive and won everyones money.

A newspaper in Denmark published some cartoons about big Mo'. Now the Muslim world is very upset.

Click on cartoon to enlarge.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Flash, tastseful and otherwise

There alot of anusing and diverting seasonally themed flash cartoons and games. That are also alot of horrible disgusting crap hacked up maladjusted siocopaths. You know people with sick minds who can't spel.

Christmas: a Documentry:
This is a little mocumentry about the working conditions at the north pole. The animator of this peice says he influenced by "the Office" there is a little bit of Aardman here as well.

The Twelve Pains of Christmas:
This flash is a negative version of the the Carol. The first verse is "buying a tree" with several different trees being offered.

Santa's Army:
A standard nice positive carol plays while Santa leads his troops into battle against all of the world. Nice use of fascist iconography.

Suicide Santa:
Suicide Santa resembles oneof those early arcade games. Actually alot of flash are retreads of earlier 8 bit games with some additional creepy feature. In this case Santa(s) is trying to kill people.

Finally one Christmas flash without any creepy sophpmoric humour.

Cluck of The Bells:
a choir of chickens sing.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Jedi story in SHWI

Recently all over world people are listing their religon as Jedi in census forms. Here is a little post from SHWI suggesting that Dick Cheney as well as being unpleasant in normal ways is also a Sith Lord. Here is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much information on the Sith from Wikipedia. Which kinda of proves the point that the web in general and Wikipedia in particular are very good sources of nerd knowledge.

Update: Here is the story of the guy who politely requested that Cheney commit a anatomical impossibility.

Straving Terrorists

When the Israelis withdrew from Gaza they left a world class commercial farming sector. The greenhouses of Gaza were very productive, they produced 3/4 of Isrealis vegetables and exported $100 million worth of produce. The greenhouses were bought and paid for. Unfortunately as the Isrealis left the Gazans reverted to traditional Arab wealth creation, theft. The Greenhouses were trashed and looted.

Now according to a blog I follow, Dhimmi Watch, the Gazans are begging for the Israelis to come back.

Ha Ha

Cool New Ads

Lately I have been regularly checking out an ad site called Bestadsontv. This site is from the antipodes and is focused on ad industry. There are many sites online that have the occasionly witty and amusing ad like IFilm. There is an American TV ad archive that hosts ads from past decades that you can access after paying stiff fees. Bestadsontv is ad industry site that gives credit to all the various creatives involved.

Here are some recent notable ads. There was a recent ad from Space, the scifi channel from ChumCity. A school teacher is shown teaching Klingon language, grammer and the batleth. Here is an AIDS awareness ad from Nike in South Africa. what is interesting about this ad is way that it is both a PSA and recognizable Nike Ad.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Complete Bach

BBC3 is celebrating christmas by playing every thing that JS Bach wrote. There are going to spend the next 214 hours on Bach.

Here is the main page for BBC3 Bach Christmas.
Here is the schedule for BBC3 Bach Christmas.
here is a link for BBC player.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Countering the Jihad in Sydney

In the reporting of the recent unpleasantness in Sydney there was a lot of emphasis on the "racism" of Australians. The riots were said to be against "persons of middle eastern appearance" who happened to be moslem. All the coverage focused on beastliness of unhyphenated Aussie.

Very little of the coverage focused on the inability or unwillingness by the moslem rapists to understand and accept western culture. A society that needs the chador and purdah to restain its men does not will prepare its members to spend any time on a beach. Then there is the problem of moslem crime generally. Here is an interesting and alarmist report about moslem gangs in Sydney by a retired cop. The report comes from a literary magazine.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

George Frederick Handel

I listened to an interesting program about George Handel and his favorite charity, the London Foundling Hospital. It was on a program on BBC3, The Early Music Show. The program dealt with the music that Handel wrote for the benefit of the orphans.

This gets to one of my pet peeves. At what point after long decades of occupation does an artist, musican, scientist or whatever begin to identified with his chosen country. Handel spent most of his life in England. Listz, French-Polish, spent his entire adult life in France, shouldn't he be considered a French composer rather than a Polish composer who never composed anything in Poland. Whistler painted in England, and Madame Currie spent her productive years, the last 43 out of 67, in Paris.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Plight of the Terrorist Refugee

On the Current I listened to a sensative interview with a PLO refugee. She was a non combatant member of a terrorist organization. Her lawyer, Barbara Jackman, kept talking about "popular" organizations, which equates murderous cabals with fan clubs. The Terrorist Refugee is here without her husband because the husband was caught using forged documents.

At this point the refugee can return to the hellhole of Gaza. A lawless slum where the ammunition has fallen as food costs have gone up. A consequence maybe of the orgy of looting of the greenhouses of gaza. Allowing stonethrowers to attack the already purchased greenhouses was not wise.

The terrorist refugee should be happy that her life goal of self government of palistinians, or was that conquest of Israelis, has been fulfilled in the Chaos of Gaza.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tasha Kheiriddin and the future of the rebranded Conservative party

I was disappointed to hear angry spitter Tasha Kheiriddin on Sunday Morning. Whenever I hear or see her on public interest shows she always seems to be angry at the mere concept of "public interest". Her most appalling slur was how politics and policies that concentrate on the public good are "statist". Conjuring up images of police states when what she really means that private wealth and their interests are not sufficiently indulged.

The problem with the new Conservative Party is that the old Progressive Conservative Party was killed so that the Reform Party could wear its skin as camouflage. If the Conservative party was composed of people like Hugh Segal and Joe Clark they would be the government now. Instead they are composed, like the Reform Party, of angry cranks, with a split between angry religious cranks and angry economic cranks. Only the occasional leavening of old PCs allow for an impression of a party with fitful sanity.

Onetime supporter of Progressive Conservatives, longtime opponent of the Reform Party.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Star Trek and its Base

I came accross this Promo for Star Trek: Enterprise. It plays with the strerotype that trekies, or trekers are a bunch of loners living in basements. After posting this I an going to watch star trek, in my basement apartment.

Bit Torrent link for No More Star Trek.

Machine Tools for the Masses

Neil Gershenfeld, Prof at MIT, was on Talk of the Nation Today talking about new machine tool technology. Gershenfeld teaches a course called How To Make (almost) Anything. He was talking about advances in computer controlled machine tools have dropped the prices to only about 20K. which is alot of money, but only half the cost of a truck.

There was some discussion of people being able to manufacture on demand for their own personal needs. Star Trek was mentioned in only to say that the technology for replicators are not here yet.

Listen here for discussion.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A long time in the mountains

Watched Major General Andrew Leslie On Diplomatic Immunity on TVO. He laid out the scenario that Canadian Forces will be Afghanistan for the next two decades. The general is confronting the fact that a big chunk of the army is going to tied up by training to go Afghanistan, being in Afghanistan and recovering from being in Afghanistan. This realism is in contrast to technocolour dreaming by the Gulf War II planners.

Irony Alert
The general, the host and the regular panalists all talked about the need to reduce poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. All were wearing poppies, as part of the regular run up to Rememberance Day.

Dry Comment

In a NY Times arcticle about the recent attempts of islamic terrorists to refight the battle of Tours there is odd exchange. An angry moslem is complaining about police tactics.

"It's the police who are provoking us," said a bearded man in a white cap and North African robe in Aulnay who would give his name only as Mohamed. "They don't like foreigners."

He said he had moved to France from Algeria in 1971 and lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. All four of his children were born in France, and though he is unemployed, they have all found jobs.

"They say integrate, but I don't understand: I'm already French, what more do they want?" he said. "They want me to drink alcohol?"

I would describe the refusal to drink wine a symptom of a lack of willingness to be French. It is an unwillingness to fully intergrate.

If Algerians want to live in France why did they make Algeria leave France. If the Pied Noirs, the French in Algeria, had to leave Algeria maybe it is right in the future for the Algerians in Franch to return home to Algeria.

Standard Arab Tyranny

More Evil Spam Comments

All these comments are made by evil spambots. Please damn them to hell. Below is sampling of recent crap ads on my blogs.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stakhanovitism Defenders and Foes

While trolling though the blogosphere I came accross this poster, and others. It is a satire of those productivity posters that adorn the walls of many low level offices. These "motivation" posters posit that there are no external factors on the success of the individual. That people will get ahead if they are above average, as if everybody can be above average. To me these posters always remind of soviet propaganda of the Stakhanovite movement. This campign was based on the example of Aleksei Stakhanov, a miner. The Soviet idea was living standards would improve if people worked harder. Soviet living standards were bad but the main problem was that the government kept killing people. In the context where these posters normally so up most people's lives would improve with unionization. A few could do better by joining management. The success of the few keeps the hopes many alive.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Ted Rall's Bush comparisons

Ted Rall is a great editorial cartoonist. There are alot of hack editorial cartoonists out there who tread the same paths as everyone. If you go to the editorial cartoon sites, like Cagle or Cartoonbox, you see alot of Yachtzees. A Yahtzee in this context is a number of cartoon with the identical theme and topic. Recent Yahtzees have Wilma Flintstone wielding a club and Rosa Parks on a bus to heaven. But Ted Rall is not in these compliation sites. His stuff a little too raw for the mainstream as noted with these two cartoons comparing Bush with Hitler and Osama.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Anti-Car ad

Many cars ads want to present the ideal of the open road. A great place to drive for you alone in wonderful vehicle. Here is an ad for a train company that's plays with the stereotypes. The car that the cat is driviing is very cool and fast. In the ad the the sheer number of cars makes all cool cheetahs in their fast roadsters sweaty and slow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Duke of Ellington on BBC3

Been listening to a BBC3 program called Composer of the Week. This program, over 5 days/hours traces a composer's life through work and time. Music, from the composer in question, is played in rough chronilogical order. In between are concise liner notes that add to the appreciation of the music in question. Last week it was a pair of renaissance low country choir directors.

This week it is Duke Ellington. I have always liked Ellington and his program has exposed me to more of his pieces than I knew existed before. Today episode dealt with the more complicated peices he wrote after the death of his mother. It ended with Caravan. The "Duke of" comes from an antedote from Haval that unlike Count Bassie and Earl Hines it was assumed that Ellington's first name was also his title.

Here is a little ad about the headbanging appeal of all good music. Enjoy.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Design History

In a thread about the history of sofabeds on SHWI, a link is provided to a design history site. The group called Designboom seems to be some sort of design education group. There are a number of in depth exhibitions of different household items. Here is an exhibit about desk lamps. This exhibit is broken up thematically between all the various types of desk lamps like gooseneck, counterweight, and constant tension. With all of the details of the design history of all these things.

Babbit as a Compliment?

I was reading the obituaries in the Globe recently, when a weird simile jumped out at me. A suburban car dealer, James Kennedy, is described as being "l(L)ike a character from a Sinclair Lewis novel". I don't know how that could be considered a great compliment. Sinclair Lewis described small town life with a jaundiced eye. His first big success, Main Street, was banned by a small town. A latter novel, Babbit is a jaundiced portrayal of a businessman. Lewis was well hated in his time because he understood the small town world and all of hypocracies and contradictions from the inside. He was not some cosmopolitan tourist but a local.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bring on the Pressgang

A NY Times article about the sometime success in recruiting had a curious graphic. This map depicts the density of recruits as a function of target age group, 18-25. The map shows the rectuiting not in absolute terms but as ratio of the available 17-25 year olds. There are alot places that don't show as a good source of cannon fodder. The Yankee heartland of New England, New York and New Jersey, except for Maine, are a barren field compared to when these places bled its men on civil war battlefields. Most of the concentations of Americans don't lead to any flag following. Indeed if you look at this map carefully you realize that the americans can most easily recruit where there isn't many people.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Microsoft as the new Dinosaur

A came across a blog called Mini Microsoft while logging into blogger. I find it interesting that a blog detailing the inner bureaucratic life of Large and Flabby is hosted by one of the arms of Google. Inside I found a wide discussion about Microsoft employee rating system and other HR issues. The discussions in the deep innards of microsoft reveals a company too big, so it fails. Also here is another dinosaur/microsoft joke based on the horrible ads.

Current Reading: Goodbye, Darkness

Goodbye, Darkness : a memoir of the Pacific by William Manchester

This is a weird book. I have read many books by Manchester. Histories where he is master of the composed sentence, paragraph and chapter. In all the other books I read of his he has been able to write from the god's eye view of History. This is more mental breakdown than full footnoted history. This has the stuttering prose of a mental patient who hopes by telling the memory can be lost.

The book composed of three intermingled parts. It is a general history of the Pacific war. It is a travelogue of a middle aged veteran touring the battlefields, the ones he fought on and the rest of the allied battlefields of WWII in the pacific theater. And a harrowing account of a young man's killing time. The problem is a whole it doesn't quite work.

The general history covers much of the same ground that other works including ones by the author have done better. The emphasis is on a general overview only. The travelogue by middle aged author is a morose and sad remarching through the battlefields he never saw and the ones where he never saw much of, except the man in front of him, the ground, the slit trench, some trees. It is the last part of the memoir is a memoir. It sketches a story of the author up until he joins the US marines from the narrative gets more muddled, scary, and angry. There is a lot of anger. The anger of the young is why can't things be better, the sadness of the old is the realization that things can't be.

The memoir of the young marine written by the middle aged man hits many of the points with the same we have seen in other works of history, memoir and fiction. Manchester is sent to Parris Island and is exposed, along with his fellow ivy leaguers, to the ignorance and violence of the traditional south. He is sent to OCS and flunks out. He trains with his intelligence squad. He has some experiences in California before shipping out and killing. Then the long slog as one by one his squad is killed. He gets a million dollar wound, not disabling but enough for a ticket home. He escape hospital and flees into combat for a worse wound. If Operation Downfall had occured he would out of hospital in time to die in Japan.

The violent language of the young marine is in sharp contrast to the Olympian view point of the historian or morose musing of the middle aged veteran. The language comes alive with descriptive terms both appropriate and filthy. REMF, rear enclelon mother fuckers. Fuck your Buddy, the self rating system of officer candidates. One of his squad, the Ragged Ass Marines, is turned away from a new cemetery because of a lack fresh clean clothes. The pointless death of a souvenir hunter. The necessary death of an incompetent officer.

All in all a good read filled with anger.

Here are two obituaries of William Manchester by a military site, and by his college where he taught, that reflects on some of the horror of memory.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Creative Destruction or merely Destruction

I was trolling through the archives of a NPR program called Talk of the Nation, which mainly covercurrent events and politics and the like. However every Friday the program focuses on science. On septenber 9, 2005 an expert on deltas in general and the Missisippi delta in partucular was on. Mark Tidwell went on about how deltas are eroded by the oceanic sytems, hurricanes and subsidence and are bult up by silt laden rivers. When one or both of these processes are interupted problems ensue. The Lousianna coast is being damaged by levees, erected as flood control and pumping of grounwater. The Nile delta is being damaged by the way that that Aswan dam has stopped the Nile from transporting silt to the delta. Mark Tidwell pointed out that all coastal cities are going to have problems with sealevel rises.

Mark Tidwell wrote a book about bayous and other land forms particular to coastal Lousianna, called, Bayou Farewell: The Rich Life and Tragic Death of Louisiana's Cajun Coast.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Narrated Sounds of Nature

I was trolling around the BBC4 archives when I came accross a series called Soundscapes. This a series of programs where various animals are recorded. These recordings are then edited down and narrated by a naturalist.

Since I have been listening to alot of ambient stations lately, I found these recording great. Here is the Sea Eagle, the Swallow, a Grey Seal Odyssey, a Serengeti March, and the Pond. Enjoy.

Friday, September 30, 2005

The Panglossian view of Deindustrialization

Read an article in the Economist about the decline in manufacturing both as a proportion of the economy and as a share of the labour force. The argrument is that efficiencies in manufacturing and the increased importance of services makes the decline metal bashing no big deal. That is true all things being equals. A society that finds it is cheaper to build cars will spend more money on consumption than durables.

The reverse is also true. Societies/economies that find it to be increasing expensive to provide for durable goods, like austerity in wartime will spend less on consumption to provide human and material resources to feed factories. In Island in the Sea of Time, a small town is marooned in the Bronze Age. They find they don't have all the human, material and technological resources to maintain late 20th technology. One engineer calculates that entire population could spend five years building a hydroelectric dam to power an aluminium refinery. Of course they would all starve before dam is finsihed.

The problem with American deindustrialization is not that they have discovered they can produce the same material goods using few technological and human resources. The problem is that they have decided not to run their own factories better but increasingly to buy from Chinese ones instead. Blame Walmart the traitors, although, many people don't want to, like Slate, CIO Magazine, Robert Reich, and many other apologists, paid shills and the usual suspects.

For more information on the Philosopher Pangloss go his wikipedia page.

Interesting new (to me) Blogs

After logging to blogger you can scroll around to blogs that have just been update and to blogs that some human (or bot) considers interesting. Today I came accross an interesting blog and decided to alter my links bar to add it and other blogs.

The Language Guy is a blog by a theoretical linguist and philosopher. If you remember Safire's old column you will find this interesting. However TLG, Mike Geis, focuses on wider topics then proper word use. He tries to look into the philosophical underpinnings of language use.

Jihadi Watch is a newsblog devoted to tracking the crazy psychopathic god bothers who want kill us all or/and die trying. The other alternative for the jihadis is convert everyone to their belief system or/and die trying. As Jihadi Watch proves, and other pro jihadi sites like Khilafah, Islam should not be thought of not as a religion or even a philosophy but as a universal political organization. And like communists what is unobjectionable when limited to marginalized intellectuals results in bloodshed with the power of the state. Unlike say Christianity and Buddhism which moderated the blood lust of the states it converted. Terrorist = moslem missionary.

Kirkwood is the blog of my father.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Problem with Presidents

From Ted Rall
Saw the new series "Commander in Chief". Just a couple of points and problems.

It is no accident that almost every tinpot hell hole calls its leader "el Presidente". In earlier times buccaneers would annoint themselves kings. Now after winning, killers appoint themselves president. President is just annother word for king, it doesn't have anything to do with democracy. That is why there is order of succession for the yank president. And that the american president has the powers and responsbilities of George III. A prime minister on the other hand has no set term of office but can lose any time. He or she serves at the pleasure of the legislature. A prime minister has to do more than convince people with TV Ads occaisionally but also to continue to convince people close up everyday.

Update: Listened to an Antholpological discussion on "kingship". It also brought up the problem of having presidents as temporary kings.

The Image is from Ted Rall's site, used without permission.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Jimmy Stewart the Killer

Roger Ebert's review the latest Cronenberg film, The History of Violence, has a weird simile. He writes how Viggo Mortenson's character is like Jimmy Stewart until violence erupts. This statement drew me back because Jimmy Stewart DID kill people. Stewart flew a B-24 heavy bomber in the US 8th Air Force in WWII. He piloted his own bomber and lead a bomber wing. Bomber crews don't directly kill people mostly, the machine gunners on a bomber do. They are part of a weapon system that delivers explosives hundreds of miles to cities and other military targets. In Stewart's 20 missions he delivered 120 tons of bombs. He probably killed someone.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Revolutionary Terror

I watched a NFB documentry called The Tree That Remembers on TVO. It was about a bunch of Iranian political prisoners from Iran who are now in Canada. They are political activists who were involved in Iranian Revolution. Their side lost and the mullahs took over. They all, all in the documentry, suffered and were jailed, tortured and some were executed.

I am sympathetic for a bunch of well meaning intellectuals. I can idenify with them more readily than the mad mullahs. However they are the Iranian Revolution Trotskyites. If their side had won and the mullahs lost, someone else would have been tortured, someone else would have been the torturer. The revolution reshuffled the deck of Iran and the intellectuals lost again.

Comments, Spam and Other

Since starting this blog I have received comments for many of the posts. I have brought up manybizarre and absurd topics such as the right of bears to defend their forrests. However the comments I mainly get, aside from a couple from authentic humans, is spam from advertising blogs. There probably be some lame spam comment for this post, just wait. The spam usually as follows,
Anonymous says, "I really like your blog, you are as fine an individual who has taught me much about the world and myself. Take a look at my blog of pointless advertising."

There must be some evil spambot some where that leaves pointless and meaningless advertising on updated blogs. At first I was pleased that some one cared enough comments. Now I want to hunt down creator and users of the blogspambot and crucify them. Then I play a killing game and thirst for blood is sated.

Entrepreneurial Government in Action

A mid level apparachik in Washington was arrested this week. The "man", a David H. Safavian, was in procurement. A field that allows the go getter to get what he wants.

The governing Republican party should very proud of its ideals carried out. The American Republicans believe in the profit motive as universal organizing pricipal. They also think that government is never effective. It is only matter of time that they reinstate the features of traditional government. Sale of government offices, which are then run for profit. The collection of revenues contracted out to tax farmers. The use of horrific and depressing workhouses to discourage the use of social services and thereby reduce spending on the poor. Capital punishment for crimes such as theft to defend the right of property.

Partying like its 1799.

Neutron Economics

What is the future for the industrial economies and liberal democracy. In the west they have had a shared history. For the past 250 years increases in production from the industrial revolution have led to, because of liberal democracy, to raising living standards. The high living standards of the west are not automatic consequence of production efficianies. The fight to raise the living standards for the vast bulk of the population over the last 250 years, althrough bitterly fought, succeeded only because of liberal democracy.

However industrial development and trade is not wedded to any political philosophy. Most of the political philosophies that have existed or exist now are less concerned with individual living standards of populations then our western civilization. There other animating philosophies than crass materialism and grubby vote buying. When such societies proceed down the path of industrial development the result are societies with productive capacity of the West without a means or inclination to distribute the fruits of production.

Let us look at the productive tyrannies of recent history and how successful they have been at raising living standards. Many such monsters and their appologists would protest that our aims are not their aims. They have other goals and dreams. Sometimes their goals were even more focused on industrial production. Sometimes they were fixated on some mystical ideal. And sometimes the leadership of the productive tyranny would be busy itself with personal luxury. Because of their various hobby horses these regimes didn't let increasing production from industrial development filter down into higher living standards.

There is a new political philosophy that is good for business and bad for people, sort of like neutron economics. Recently read a depressing little tract about how the west is doomed because of deindustrialization. Not because we are using less manufactures but because the factories owners are have transfered their factories to cheaper lands. The trouble is the kind of country that is willing to oppress its own populace to keep down the cost of labor is also the kind of country will violate other contracts. The countries that run tanks over their own citizens will also cheerfully nationalize foriegn assets.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hitchens - Galloway Debate

A debate between George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens was held on Wedesday in NYC. It was a combative and an entertaining display of rhetorical prowess of two left wing Brits who know each other a little too well.

A direct link to the debate is on the front page of KPFTX, a radio station. The debate is broken down into 5 chunks. The first chunk is the pre-game commentry. Feel free to fast foward. The last file is an except of George Galloway's testimony before some congressional committee.

On BBC page for this debate there is a nice suming up. Here is the BBC's seven minute report and condensation of a 2 hour debate.
Journalist Christopher Hitchens takes on MP George Galloway in a ferocious encounter over the rights and wrongs of the Iraq War. Hitchens thinks deposing Saddam Hussein was a noble act. Galloway retorts that an illegal occupation will only create more Jihadist terrorism.

Nuclear Battery

In Mobile Magazine there is an article from an alternative time line about a Nuclear Battery for laptops. It seems only mildly crazy to me. But I used to have a summer job where I wore a radiation badge. I can almost agree with some the comments from one of the saner characters in the movie Repo Man.
J. Frank Parnell: Ever been to Utah? Ra-di-a-tion. Yes, indeed. You hear the most outrageous lies about it. Half-baked goggle-box do-gooders telling everybody it's bad for you. Pernicious nonsense. Everybody could stand a hundred chest X-rays a year. They ought to have them, too...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Appalling Agrument by Republican Youth

Google has a new search engine to search the blogsphere. While trying it out it I came accross a blog for something called Beltway Young Republicans. In this blog is a defense of Chickenhawks. You can detect the injured tone as the writer agrues for "principle of division of labor". The army is contracted to fight while the rulers refuse to fight, work, pay taxes, do anything constructive. The Young Republican begins to sputter when he asks.
In my opinion, what is really behind the "chicken hawk" charge is resentment. It's a way of saying, "how dare you ask others to sacrifice what you aren't willing to sacrifice." This is ridiculous and foolish.
What is annoying and pernicious about the chickenhawks is the way they are so pro war, pro military and militaristic as long as they don't have to do anything. In a Nation article, Generation Chickenhawk, one coward says.
"I know that I'm going to be better staying here and working to convince people why we're there [in Iraq]," Hauser explained, pausing in thought. "I'm a fighter, but with words."
It is as if he talking how privileges for party cadres are justified because cadres can rouse "the people" to fight for the defense of the "homeland".

A chickenhawk is a super patriot who wants somebody else to die for his country. An ancient newspaper, The New Hampshire Gazette, has created a database of these yellow bastards. It also a name for those prey on teenagers.

Favorite Internet Radio Stations

LatelyI have been listening more and more to internet radio stations. The urge to acquire music is moderated by having so many great internet radio stations out there. While wishing to let more people know about these great stations I don't want them swamped. Broadcasting on the net is narrowcasting to a limited number of recieving slots. Whereas with traditional broadcasting the cost is based on the broadcasting itself not on the number of receiving slots.

Sleepbot: Sleepbot is the radio station to fall to sleep to. It is a station mainly devoted to ambience. Here is an educational filmstrip devoted to the history of the sleepbot environmental broadcast.

Radio Rivendell: Radio Rivendell is the radio to play D&D to. Instead of station ID breaks that other stations have, Rivendell has snatches of Gandalf intoning. This station is seriously into the Lord of the Rings. It also has a archive of the music they have played, sorting music by composer, album, movie and game. Rivendell broadcasts in both the Winamp and Windows Media formats.

Blues on Air: Blues on Air is from South Korea. American bluesmen and women have often had to leave the States to get some respect. White Americans only began to listen to the blues after a bunch of Brit blues fans, Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton, rose to prominence. Leave to foreigners to take American music and culture seriously.

Poolside Jazz: Since the swamping of New Orleans I sought out places to hear the city's music. I haven't found a station playing ragtime but Poolside Jazz is good jazz station. Listen here for Poolside Jazz, there isn't a link on their homepage.

There are thousands more stations out there listed on shoutcast. Nearly everly genre and style are available. As well as music there are stations with comedy, as well as more specialized venues playing only Goon Shows (off air) and Star Trek.

Then there are huge stations run by the large public broadcasters, BBC, CBC and NPR. These stations have archives of past shows, not limited to merely streaming. BBC has both news, documentry and music stations. They have streaming and archived programs. NPR is focused on news and current affairs. NPR also has a weird federalism structure where the individual stations are run somewhat like franchises only looser. The CBC is mostly offline now because of lockout. CBC has streaming accross the five time zones of Canada. Program archiving is hardy used instead transcripts are sold. As if the business unit for selling transcripts has not beeen adjusted to the internet age.

Machine Gun Ad

I long time ago I came across two documents about machine guns from WWI. The first was a official manual from the British Army about the care, maintenance and handling of the .303 Lewis water cooled machine gun. The It was stamped for official use only.The secound was a advertising flier from an American maker of machine guns. The advertising flier from the American arms maker had a picture and address of its factory. At the time I thought it was like a bad joke of enterprising Americans.

Today I came across a machine gun ad in IFilm from Dillon Aero (a maker of gatlings). I'm impressed as the helicopter flies above a long line of cars and blows them up. Like the Highway of Death in Gulf War I. Remember that quote from a door gunner in a Vietnam movie, "If they run they're VC, if they don't run they're well disciplined VC". Enjoy.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Heavy Armored Lovin

Originally uploaded by Baron von Feldspar.
A group of troopers learn where new tanks come from.

Obit: Rear Admiral Robert "Bob" Denver

In SHWI I found this obit of Bob Denver from an alternative time line.

The Right to Arm Bears

Originally uploaded by Baron von Feldspar.
A young couple tangled with a bear in North Algoma. The wife was killed and the husband was injured. I am normally sensitive to the plight of my species but not in this case. (see news)

The bear was defending his home and native land. Now the "killer bear" will be hunted down and killed. When it was the bear that was at home and the hikers were where they shouldn't be. If a bear does a home invasion whack it. If a human goes where humans don't belong whack the human.

The wilds should be left to the wildlife. Humans should accept that the risks they run, if misadventure happens, should not be bourn be the wildlife. As in the latest Herzog film, Grizzly Man and in Project Grizzly. And in the Simpson episode The Fat and Furriest (EABF19), a take off on Project Grizzly. The sacrifice of wildlife over the graves of dead humans is mildly pagan. As if people want contracts put out their killers.

In 1916 an elephant killed. Because the incident happened in the American south the elephant was lynched, (see here for more elephant lynching details)

Right Wing Anarchist in the News

Grover Norquist, America's leading right wing anarchist has been in the news recently. A quotation of his shows up all over place.
"My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years," he says, "to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub."
Many commentators, bloggers and letter writers have remarked on the antisocial aspects of the neocon philosophy. On MaxSpeak blog this poster, and this incitement to drown Norquist. A letter to the NY Times. There has also been quibbling to follow up the source of the infamous quote. Here in something called the National Debate, where Norquist agrees he said it putting more stress destroying government than "drowning" it.

Here Norquist compares taxing rich people to the holocaust. Here a group called Citizen Solidier , which is mainly concerned with infiltration of the US by Jihadis, complains of Norquist's links with Moslem terrorists. These links are mainly with Saudi financed groups. The US right has its own terrorism, mainly right wing and focused around Operation Rescue and shading from there to assassinations and bombing.

Short Violent Joke

The Song, Its Raining Men as reality.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Brazil of the North or America in the Third World

In much of coverage of the recent unpleasantness in New Orleans locals and reporters were both asking how this could have happened. The common question for all was "are we not a first world nation?" It still needs to be asked because the US is country that has both third and first world characteristics.

America has very high tech like India. America subsidizes its aerospace industry like Brazil. It is full of the wealthy like Saudia Arabia. Unlike the rest of the first world the US doesn't have some kind of "socialized medicine", (see Malcolm Gladwell's excellent New Yorker article). The society that can ignore the problem with uninsured can ignore almost anything until a city floats away. A Blogger Kottke put it well when he wrote.

You can point fingers at what's wrong or who's responsible all day long, but the facts remain, America's health care system sucks...well, unless you're rich, in which case nothing really sucks. The BBC put it well earlier this week in writing about the crisis in New Orleans:
The uneasy paradox which so many live with in this country - of being first-and-foremost rugged individuals, out to plunder what they can and paying as little tax as they can get away with, while at the same time believing that America is a robust, model society - has reached a crisis point this week.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Terrorism, Bullies and Specious Reasoning

Saw a bit of the tape from the London Bomber leader, video, audio. He gives a long list of how he has been thwarted. How his feelings have been hurt. How all Brits are responsible, the killer claims in a British acent. "You don't listen". No, people listen but don't agree.

Using the same reasoning the Islamic Facists use we would have held Jodie Foster responsible for Reagan's attempted whacking.

Today I listened to a short documentry by a young bully. It's an revealing self protrait by a boy who doesn't fully accept the wrongness of beating up his younger brothers, 5 and 7. One point all you can hear is thump, thump thump. He also looks forward to having his own family where everything will go right all the time. I shuddered as I thought of the future family violence by this young bully.

The rationalizations of the bully and bomber for their actions boil down taking their disappointment and unhappiness on the world.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Looking for Mr Duffman

I was poking around in the Simpson archive. There are the usual episode and character guides. I looked around something on Duffman, there is the Nelson Muntz File. Instead I find this essay on Advertising and the Duff Corporation, here are some more serious papers on the Simpsons.

The Goldilock Planet

An Astronomer from the Vatican has a program about looking for livable planets. The Progam looks at current science of xenoplantology.
The Goldilocks Planet
BB4 Science

Dialect Convertor

A dialect converter called The Dialectizer will change and alter text and pages into some comic dialect. There seemed to be most radical change when neutral text is used. I tried to convert some Shakespeare very little change.

Simpson's Song about New Orleans

In the episode A Streetcar Named Marge, there is not overly complimentry song about New Orleans. The medley from the musical Oh, Streetcar! can be found in the cd Songs in the Key of Springfield which can be downloaded from Miniova in bittorrent, or even bought. The episode description was lifted from The Simpson Archive.

. Long before the Superdome,
. Where the Saints of football play,
. There's a city where the damned call home,
. Hear their hellish rondelet:
. New Orleans!
. Home of pirates, drunks, and whores...
. New Orleans!
. Tacky, overpriced souvenir stores...
. If you want to go to hell, you should take a trip
. To the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Mississip':
. New Orleans!
. Stinking, rotten, vomiting, vile...
. New Orleans!
. Putrid, brackish, maggotty, foul...
. New Orleans!
. Crummy, lousy, rancid and rank...
. New Orleans!
. ...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Great Wave

Watched a TVO program The Private Life of a Masterpiece about Hokusai's The Great Wave. I have seen this image before but I never knew the name of the print or the artist. It is my new background on my computer.

The Coming Emergency

Read a scary except from a new book from James Kunstler called The Long Emergency. When the oil runs out we are all going to freeze and strave in the dark. Here is another review of the book from a site called The Fourth World War.

Years ago I came across a sci-fi story from the fifties about a suburban family after their subdivision died, can't remember the name of the story. There was lots of great grim sci-fi in that time. As a reaction to the postwar cornecopia zeitgeist. Who can forget Harry Harrison's, Make room, Make Room, later made into the movie Solyant Green.

The Anti-Malthusians believe that nothing can ever run out, things will always be great. They feel reassured Malthus and Erlich most dire predictions have not been fulfilled. The difference between optimists and pessimists is that if they recognize reality, not automatic, optimists are disappointed and pessimists are pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Merc story in NY Times

Interesting story about mercenaries in today's sunday NY Times. Their new name, private security companies, isn't very descriptive. It describes an group then can guard film shoots rather than shoot looters. The problem with modern public-private army is that it depends on governments to train there mercs in the first place. There was a story earlier this year, I can't find it now, about guys retiring from the army and returning the next week to do the same job for a lot more cash.

Merc books and movies
The Wild Geese
The Wild Geese (historical Background) from a pro terrorist site.
The Dogs of War the book, the movie is sucky.

MADD and dangerous

Recently some parents were charged with serving alcohol to their teenager and friends, see here for report and here from the washington post. The local MADD chapter welcomed the charges even though the parents prevented the teens from driving.

My prospals for reducing drunk driving without descending into some sort of neo-prohibitionist dreamland.
  • Drop drinking age to 18. (Teenagers binge drink when they can't legally buy booze.)
  • Raise driving age to 21. (Teenagers can't drink and drive if they can't drive.)
  • Double the price of gas. (Reduces driving)
  • Double transit funding. (Reduces need to drive.)
The reason why we ended up with prohibition and other crazy moral laws is because women got the vote. Yes it was important and good that half of humanity got the vote. It was bad to encourage the growth of crime empires.

In a related way it is good when fascists, islamic or otherwise, engage in normal politics rather than using their "armed wings". But they are still nut jobs who would vote in policies they would impose violently. Of course can you trust any political party with an armed wing.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Chicoms on the March

Read a scary story in the weekend Globe about the success of the local ChiCom representive in lobbying. The Chicom rep has been able to convince many local representives to vote for tranny and murder so as not to upset the murderers in Peking.

Recently there was anti-Japanese riots in China. The Chinese has recently protested against Japanese atrocities in China 70 years ago. Of course the Chinese would object to oppressive tranny. Because oppressive tranny is by defination is what the Chinese government does. So any occuping force that also practices oppressive tranny makes a claim to be the legimate government.

Neocon Poster

Editorial cartoon done in the style of communist agitprop posters.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Graph That Explains Alot

I found this graph in an Economist survey about the US, see the graph in original context here. This graph certainly explains alot about the aristrocratization of American society.

P.S. The New York Times did a long series on Class in America.

Bought a new toy

Bought this Hot Wheels at a local McPuke's. It lights up with a cool green light after you flip a switch. Unfortunately you have to put on the stickers yourself. Not having tweezers with me in the restaurant to put on the decals neatly. I couldn't play with my new toy. Boohoo.

The picture is from a fan site, South Texas Diecast, for people who collect, but never play with their toys.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Comic Evolution series on BBC4

The Ape That Got Lucky, tonight on BBC4 is going to be an idiot guide to evolution. Of course lots of people have had a problem with evolution. Bush has been reported to be favour of teaching "intelligent design" as alternative science. Here is a debate between Dr. Zaius and Cornelius about evolution. As long as I Mention Dr. Zaius here is his song, and other great ape stuff from a fan site called the Forbidden Zone.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Maimed Soldier pictures

I found these pictures in military. Because of the advances in medical technology in WWI, soldiers survived to be maimed from injuries that would kill them in earlier wars. They were that lucky.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Gang Leader Dies

Fahd, leader of the Saudi crime family died yesterday after suffering from a long illness. A stroke is claimed, tertiary syphillis is suspected.

The Saudi crime family was established by his father, Abdul Aziz, a noted thief and rapist. Subsequently, leaders of the family kept up their founder's high moral standards.

In recent years an associated gang has caused legal problems for the Saudis. Luckily, the global policeman remains on the take and will arrest the "usual suspects" to take the heat.

He will succeeded by his brother Abdullah, who has been running the family rackets.

Indian Railway radio Documentry

Listened to a documentry that was made a couple years ago, 2003, on the occasion of 150th anniversary of the Indian Railroad. There are also links on the site for the radio documentry for steam preservation societies and official organizations.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pussyphillia and Drunken Monkeys

A while ago in Slate magazine the Ad Report Card, there was a story about strange rat like spokesvermin. There was link in that article about the creators of that ad. Now nearly 18 months later I finally go to Rathergood.

I go look at Rathergood only because I followed a link from a NY Times article was on dominence of cats on the web. On Rathergood the best music video was The First drink of the Day. The sight of drunken monkeys dancing and playing on flying beer cans was energizing. In the same way a new Ringo Starr song Free drinks, is good drunken song.

100% recycled material.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Islamic Terrorism and remedies.

Lately, because of the recent incidents in London I have been tracking the reporting of the "Moslem problem in Europe". Some of the reports have attempted to explain the reasons why a group of third generation moslems in the Midlands would want to kill. The reasons that I have generally heard boil down to anger and shame. To which I would add the apocalyptic goal of Caliphate over the whole world. I would suggest that this goal is related to all the supposed reasons.

We have to remember that Islam what spread as a governmental system that had a religon attached. After an area was conquered its inhabitants were encouraged to convert to get a tax break and to be spared enslavement, see the Sudan. Lately I have reading a suitably scary website called Khilafah. It doesn't aim to be scary but it has pronouncements like the below. they are of course forbidden from supporting political parties that stand on platforms of kufr.

Islam grants non-Muslims who hold citizenship, the full rights and duties that Muslims have. Thus again identifying islam as a state instead of a religon. Found in a long series complaining that the Taliban were in sufficently Islamic. Even through the rhetoric of this group rarely spits venom, it can still be scary as in this post about how "respect and tolerance only goes so far". Complaining that in the west Islam can only be a religon.

Look here for a Site called Jihad Watch.

I think the events in London this month show the problem with having immigration to fix short term labor shortages.

In the US and Canada the Japanese population, first to third generation were interned in WWII. At the time the security services suggested that there was no threat. And the programs were pushed through to give some a chance to loot Japanese assets. By all analysis it was pointless.

That was then. Maybe we in the west will have to intern Moslem populations as a precaution. It does not have to be total only those between 15 and 60.

Karma Ghost

Karma Ghost is a little parable of how all your sins will eventually bite you in the ass. Spooky.

The animation and art design is like the early 1960's. Nice music too.

Hong Kong Action cartoon

One Gun, is an action-adventure flash animation. The animation isn't very fluid, the drawing is clusmy and the 3D modeling is chunky. But the direction and the story, uh wow. The creator of this flash lists hong kong action films as his major influence. Nice, appropriate music too.

Another fine piece of flash from Newgrounds. Note, graphic violence.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Orwell in Burma

Listened to an interesting storyon NPR about Burma, that a pseudonymed writer has just written. The writer, Emma Larkin, reported that the Burmese consider that Orwell wrote three books about Burma. Burmese Days, about the colonial period, Animal Farm about decolonization, and 1984 about the current state of tranny in Burma. To that list Shooting an Elephant could be added as well.

Orwell as also shown up in my favorite Newsgroup soc.history.what-if, also accessible through google.

In 2003 Phil Hunt started a DBWI, wondering what would have been Orwell impact if he had died in the late forties. Look here for The Road to Saigon not written. And another post about Orwell's 100th birthday.

George Orwell, or at least non pseudonymed as Eric Blair, in a huge multipart timeline "A Shot Heard Around the World". He shows up in a where are they now piece as police official/part time writer.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hippo Song

Noodles on My Back is annother uncharacteristically light heart flash from Newgrounds.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tanks alot

Check out this Flickr group of Tanks. A repost of a newsgroup.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Weaponized Toothbrush

In the series Oz, thoothbrushes often were represented as weapons. There was in even an episode were techique the techinique of making a non-metal shiv. This picture is from a story about how a Russian weapons designer made is own toothbrush club.

The way to turn your toothbrush into shiv is to sharpen the handle to a point. It doesn't need to be sharp since it is going to be stabbed not slashed. (link from

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gravity Game

I came accross this great game, Orbit, on Newgrounds. You have to send comets in stable orbits. As the game goes on more and more planet/stars are added with each level.

This is not the usual fare for Newgrounds. Usually they get the first Flash animations produced by budding programmers. That is extremely violent and offensive flash. My favorite flash cartoon series full of offensive violence is the Retarded Animals Babies.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cult Blogs

I was fiddling around with some options for my log when I'm was given an option to use the Weblog feature. This is a service which provides a central list of blogs and their update times. So I look down the list of recently updated blogs, recently updated in the past 6 minutes. What I found disheartening is that most of the "blogs" so mentioned were not just transparently commercial but commercials with nothing else. Of the blogs produced by "humans" most appear to be from the Movementarians.

Movementarians: (noun), American political cult of like minded, like thinking, like breathing robots. They have surendered their power of thought so that they can all agree all the time.

I looked at a couple of conservative blogs and then followed links from there to other conservative blogs. The random assortment of interlinked blogs had posts on the same topics du jour. What I found agreement in topic, wording and tone.

What does this sound like

I was zoning out listening to Sleepbot, look here for filmstrip history of sleepbot. And I heard this rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, etc and after going to current song playlist I found it was the sound of an adult cheetah from a CD, made from naturalists field recording.

Outside the Circle of Fire, Chris Watson. Cheetah picture from a zoo.

Odd American reaction

Did any one else catch in all effusive American comments of solidarity with Britain. That the last time London was hit by terrorists it was from the IRA who were mainly funded by Americans.

The cartoon is from Christian Science Monitor which is from Boston, the source of much terrorist funding of the IRA.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Amateur photos on BBC website

The BBC website has a number of pictures from the public, in fact most of their pictures are from the "amateur photographers".

Muslim Discovery of Europe

I recently read this book by Bernard Lewis. It is a diplomatic history consisting analysis of archives and letters and other communications. It is not a whiz bang history but the result of someone diving into lots of archives, looking at tens pf thousands of documents, referring to thousands and quoting hundreds.

Lately, since 911, and before Lewis has been both well hated and loved. All this hatred and love has less to do with his merits as a historian than to content of his works.

The hatred comes from one side who feels he is not sufficently pro-arab.

Arab Moslem Terrorists strike again

Arab Moslem Terrorists strike again, probably, against people whose primary crime is not being Arab Moslem Terrorists. There is nothing we can do to satisfy demands that we also turn into Arab Moslem Terrorists. One demands of AMTs is the return of Caliphate and the extension of the Caliphate accross the entire world. Maybe then they will be happy. It like being held hostage by a kidnapper and the ransom demand is your slavery.

The photo is from the BBC website, I only got notice of the blast from Boingboing. Before then I was trying to connect to BBC Radio 4, and was failing even to get the BBC site. I thought I had technical problems because early this week I was having long involved conversations with my ISP's technical support. I had to connect my modem direct to a phone a wait while it was tuned. They had to thottle back the modem to 80% of peak, because my distance from an exchange.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Odd picture of a gun

This is the Savage 36CAL 1860 Model Revolver. Doesn't the grip remind one of some sort of 16th or 18th century pistol. This is because the handle is im line with the barrel rather than somehow stuck below it. The hammer is also curious, it has the same swan neck shape that is seen seen on flintlocks. It looks much more primative than the Colt Single Action Army 1873.

Got this picture and others in the set at

History's Greatest Murderers

The kicker is that the corpse of Mao is still being revered in the dictatorship of communist china. Or should I give it its proper title, The People's Oppressive Tyranny of Communist China. This is of course no step up at all from what it was before the various revolutions last century, The Celestial Empire of Oppressive Tyranny.

The Catoonist, Lief Zetterling.
Found on Cagle's Editorial cartoons.

Hellhounds On His Trail - The Robert Johnson Story

The BBC have a new documentry about Robert Johnson on Radio 2. I am just listening to the documentry now. It going feature all those great British Bluesmen like Plant, Clapton and the Stones.

Friday, July 01, 2005

evil politics

The Movementarians who robotically control the US republicans are happy to see the last of Sandra Day O'Connor. They saw her as someone who insufficently commited to their cult. Many of the commentators support their cult because it is their cult and because they are paid to. The cultists were upset because O'Connor tried hard to intrepret the law impartially instead of following the party line. Shrub, or at least the armed wing of his party, has stated a desire for a true conservative is is not swayed by mere considerations of the law.

Of course the most notorious example of party line behavior is the behavior of the communists before and during and after WWII. Before WWII there were in favour of war on Germany, the same party line was used in multiple countries. Then the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact occured and all communists every where was in pacificists. Then after Operation Barbarossa was launched all communists everywhere were in favour of war. With the cold war developed and all communists every where were in favour of peace and disarmment. The Neocons who are currently infesting Republican party in the US were origimally Trots, or trotskyites.

Of course if you you are going to back evil why not back the worse evil. Check out Cthulhu for President. Their slogan is "Why vote for a lesser evil?" And then recently on SHWI Mike Ralls wondered what would have happened if H. P. Lovecraft created his own cult in same manner of L. Ron
Hubbard. He also included is a theology lesson in the manner of the Jack Chick publications.