Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Flash, tastseful and otherwise

There alot of anusing and diverting seasonally themed flash cartoons and games. That are also alot of horrible disgusting crap hacked up maladjusted siocopaths. You know people with sick minds who can't spel.

Christmas: a Documentry:
This is a little mocumentry about the working conditions at the north pole. The animator of this peice says he influenced by "the Office" there is a little bit of Aardman here as well.

The Twelve Pains of Christmas:
This flash is a negative version of the the Carol. The first verse is "buying a tree" with several different trees being offered.

Santa's Army:
A standard nice positive carol plays while Santa leads his troops into battle against all of the world. Nice use of fascist iconography.

Suicide Santa:
Suicide Santa resembles oneof those early arcade games. Actually alot of flash are retreads of earlier 8 bit games with some additional creepy feature. In this case Santa(s) is trying to kill people.

Finally one Christmas flash without any creepy sophpmoric humour.

Cluck of The Bells:
a choir of chickens sing.

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