Sunday, December 25, 2005

More Bad Taste from Ted Rall

More disturbing satire from Ted Rall.

Jesus is a popular figure for statirists and comics. In TV series South Park Jesus, the son of God and the host of a cable access program has a boxing match with Satan. The entire town bets on Satan over Jesus. Satan in the red trunks 7'8" weighing over 500 pounds fought Jesus in the white trunks 5'8" 150 Pounds. Satan took a dive and won everyones money.

A newspaper in Denmark published some cartoons about big Mo'. Now the Muslim world is very upset.

Click on cartoon to enlarge.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Flash, tastseful and otherwise

There alot of anusing and diverting seasonally themed flash cartoons and games. That are also alot of horrible disgusting crap hacked up maladjusted siocopaths. You know people with sick minds who can't spel.

Christmas: a Documentry:
This is a little mocumentry about the working conditions at the north pole. The animator of this peice says he influenced by "the Office" there is a little bit of Aardman here as well.

The Twelve Pains of Christmas:
This flash is a negative version of the the Carol. The first verse is "buying a tree" with several different trees being offered.

Santa's Army:
A standard nice positive carol plays while Santa leads his troops into battle against all of the world. Nice use of fascist iconography.

Suicide Santa:
Suicide Santa resembles oneof those early arcade games. Actually alot of flash are retreads of earlier 8 bit games with some additional creepy feature. In this case Santa(s) is trying to kill people.

Finally one Christmas flash without any creepy sophpmoric humour.

Cluck of The Bells:
a choir of chickens sing.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Jedi story in SHWI

Recently all over world people are listing their religon as Jedi in census forms. Here is a little post from SHWI suggesting that Dick Cheney as well as being unpleasant in normal ways is also a Sith Lord. Here is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much information on the Sith from Wikipedia. Which kinda of proves the point that the web in general and Wikipedia in particular are very good sources of nerd knowledge.

Update: Here is the story of the guy who politely requested that Cheney commit a anatomical impossibility.

Straving Terrorists

When the Israelis withdrew from Gaza they left a world class commercial farming sector. The greenhouses of Gaza were very productive, they produced 3/4 of Isrealis vegetables and exported $100 million worth of produce. The greenhouses were bought and paid for. Unfortunately as the Isrealis left the Gazans reverted to traditional Arab wealth creation, theft. The Greenhouses were trashed and looted.

Now according to a blog I follow, Dhimmi Watch, the Gazans are begging for the Israelis to come back.

Ha Ha

Cool New Ads

Lately I have been regularly checking out an ad site called Bestadsontv. This site is from the antipodes and is focused on ad industry. There are many sites online that have the occasionly witty and amusing ad like IFilm. There is an American TV ad archive that hosts ads from past decades that you can access after paying stiff fees. Bestadsontv is ad industry site that gives credit to all the various creatives involved.

Here are some recent notable ads. There was a recent ad from Space, the scifi channel from ChumCity. A school teacher is shown teaching Klingon language, grammer and the batleth. Here is an AIDS awareness ad from Nike in South Africa. what is interesting about this ad is way that it is both a PSA and recognizable Nike Ad.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Complete Bach

BBC3 is celebrating christmas by playing every thing that JS Bach wrote. There are going to spend the next 214 hours on Bach.

Here is the main page for BBC3 Bach Christmas.
Here is the schedule for BBC3 Bach Christmas.
here is a link for BBC player.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Countering the Jihad in Sydney

In the reporting of the recent unpleasantness in Sydney there was a lot of emphasis on the "racism" of Australians. The riots were said to be against "persons of middle eastern appearance" who happened to be moslem. All the coverage focused on beastliness of unhyphenated Aussie.

Very little of the coverage focused on the inability or unwillingness by the moslem rapists to understand and accept western culture. A society that needs the chador and purdah to restain its men does not will prepare its members to spend any time on a beach. Then there is the problem of moslem crime generally. Here is an interesting and alarmist report about moslem gangs in Sydney by a retired cop. The report comes from a literary magazine.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

George Frederick Handel

I listened to an interesting program about George Handel and his favorite charity, the London Foundling Hospital. It was on a program on BBC3, The Early Music Show. The program dealt with the music that Handel wrote for the benefit of the orphans.

This gets to one of my pet peeves. At what point after long decades of occupation does an artist, musican, scientist or whatever begin to identified with his chosen country. Handel spent most of his life in England. Listz, French-Polish, spent his entire adult life in France, shouldn't he be considered a French composer rather than a Polish composer who never composed anything in Poland. Whistler painted in England, and Madame Currie spent her productive years, the last 43 out of 67, in Paris.