Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Plight of the Terrorist Refugee

On the Current I listened to a sensative interview with a PLO refugee. She was a non combatant member of a terrorist organization. Her lawyer, Barbara Jackman, kept talking about "popular" organizations, which equates murderous cabals with fan clubs. The Terrorist Refugee is here without her husband because the husband was caught using forged documents.

At this point the refugee can return to the hellhole of Gaza. A lawless slum where the ammunition has fallen as food costs have gone up. A consequence maybe of the orgy of looting of the greenhouses of gaza. Allowing stonethrowers to attack the already purchased greenhouses was not wise.

The terrorist refugee should be happy that her life goal of self government of palistinians, or was that conquest of Israelis, has been fulfilled in the Chaos of Gaza.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tasha Kheiriddin and the future of the rebranded Conservative party

I was disappointed to hear angry spitter Tasha Kheiriddin on Sunday Morning. Whenever I hear or see her on public interest shows she always seems to be angry at the mere concept of "public interest". Her most appalling slur was how politics and policies that concentrate on the public good are "statist". Conjuring up images of police states when what she really means that private wealth and their interests are not sufficiently indulged.

The problem with the new Conservative Party is that the old Progressive Conservative Party was killed so that the Reform Party could wear its skin as camouflage. If the Conservative party was composed of people like Hugh Segal and Joe Clark they would be the government now. Instead they are composed, like the Reform Party, of angry cranks, with a split between angry religious cranks and angry economic cranks. Only the occasional leavening of old PCs allow for an impression of a party with fitful sanity.

Onetime supporter of Progressive Conservatives, longtime opponent of the Reform Party.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Star Trek and its Base

I came accross this Promo for Star Trek: Enterprise. It plays with the strerotype that trekies, or trekers are a bunch of loners living in basements. After posting this I an going to watch star trek, in my basement apartment.

Bit Torrent link for No More Star Trek.

Machine Tools for the Masses

Neil Gershenfeld, Prof at MIT, was on Talk of the Nation Today talking about new machine tool technology. Gershenfeld teaches a course called How To Make (almost) Anything. He was talking about advances in computer controlled machine tools have dropped the prices to only about 20K. which is alot of money, but only half the cost of a truck.

There was some discussion of people being able to manufacture on demand for their own personal needs. Star Trek was mentioned in only to say that the technology for replicators are not here yet.

Listen here for discussion.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A long time in the mountains

Watched Major General Andrew Leslie On Diplomatic Immunity on TVO. He laid out the scenario that Canadian Forces will be Afghanistan for the next two decades. The general is confronting the fact that a big chunk of the army is going to tied up by training to go Afghanistan, being in Afghanistan and recovering from being in Afghanistan. This realism is in contrast to technocolour dreaming by the Gulf War II planners.

Irony Alert
The general, the host and the regular panalists all talked about the need to reduce poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. All were wearing poppies, as part of the regular run up to Rememberance Day.

Dry Comment

In a NY Times arcticle about the recent attempts of islamic terrorists to refight the battle of Tours there is odd exchange. An angry moslem is complaining about police tactics.

"It's the police who are provoking us," said a bearded man in a white cap and North African robe in Aulnay who would give his name only as Mohamed. "They don't like foreigners."

He said he had moved to France from Algeria in 1971 and lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. All four of his children were born in France, and though he is unemployed, they have all found jobs.

"They say integrate, but I don't understand: I'm already French, what more do they want?" he said. "They want me to drink alcohol?"

I would describe the refusal to drink wine a symptom of a lack of willingness to be French. It is an unwillingness to fully intergrate.

If Algerians want to live in France why did they make Algeria leave France. If the Pied Noirs, the French in Algeria, had to leave Algeria maybe it is right in the future for the Algerians in Franch to return home to Algeria.

Standard Arab Tyranny

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stakhanovitism Defenders and Foes

While trolling though the blogosphere I came accross this poster, and others. It is a satire of those productivity posters that adorn the walls of many low level offices. These "motivation" posters posit that there are no external factors on the success of the individual. That people will get ahead if they are above average, as if everybody can be above average. To me these posters always remind of soviet propaganda of the Stakhanovite movement. This campign was based on the example of Aleksei Stakhanov, a miner. The Soviet idea was living standards would improve if people worked harder. Soviet living standards were bad but the main problem was that the government kept killing people. In the context where these posters normally so up most people's lives would improve with unionization. A few could do better by joining management. The success of the few keeps the hopes many alive.