Friday, December 31, 2010

Nevadans as Hobos

In the comments of a Paul Krugman blogpost, Ireland = Nevada, a Joseph OShaughnessy offers this interesting comparison between Ireland and Nevada.

The Irish are a homogeneous, well educated society. They have lived where they live, give or take 100 miles, likely for at least 500 [more like at least 1000-5000 years].

The Nevadans are, by and large, uneducated vagabonds. Their medical system is almost non-existent and where it exists, it should be banned. The oldest and most established citizens are themselves transients.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Russia, Where the Living is Hard

This image of a dead Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was taken 2006 when he was 34. He was on the front page of a NY Times article about a Russian commission that investigates prison conditions and prison deaths, Documents Raise Questions About Russian Case. I showed his picture about half a dozen people and asked them to estimate his age. Most thought he was in his late 50's. The lowest estimate was 40. When this picture was taken he was 32. I wonder just how hard was life to look like this.

Xmas in Heaven

Friday, December 10, 2010

Undercover Cops - The Best Liars Ever?

He continued smoking while we continued questioning him carefully and as diplomatically as possible about the aspects of his testimony the previous evening, trying our best not to rile him, but I think it was too late for that. He answered the questions without pause and didn't appear to be lying, but of course you wouldn't be able to tell with a man like him anyway. His whole job was one lie after another...

DI Gallan questioning Stegs
in The Crime Trade by Simon Kernick

Obama - Always Give In To Threats

I think it's tempting not to negotiate with hostage-takers, unless the hostage gets harmed. Then people will question the wisdom of that strategy.

B. Hussein Obama, Noted Kenyan-American

Obama gave the above statement that after making a deal with congressional Republicans on maintaining tax cuts for billionaires. The problem is hostage taking as a crime has died in most countries is that people nad police have learned that dealing with hostage takers encourage them. It also an easy crime to prove since the criminals have to communicate to get the money.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The American South and Minimum Wages

The above is from a map American minimum wage laws at the US dept of Labor. The colors are for the relative level of each states minimum wage law compared to the US federal rate. Green is for states the have higher rates, blue is for the states that use the federal rate, yellow is for those states that have a minimum wage lower than the federal and red is for those states without a minimum wage law. I found this page because I was watching a video post at Boingboing about the struggles that Disney employees have, Walt Disney World castmembers speak about their search for a living wage.

What is striking is how many off US states that formed the Old Confederacy are still not, even 150 years after they fought a war over it, that keen on paying people who work for them.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Oh, Great, Qatar Gets the 2018 World Cup

Qatar, pronounced catarrh, has won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, Retreat and revenge: England's options after their 2018 World Cup snub. A commenter on Jihadwatcher Droptheveil
has this reaction to sleazy dusty hell of Qatar.

I just can't imagine why ANYONE would want to go to Qatar let alone watch football matches in 50 degrees of heat. No matter how much air conditioning there will be in the stadiums, they will overheat very quickly with all those bodies and the sun throwing out so much heat, most air conditioning units there just cannot cope. English football fans like a pint of beer on such occasions and the only places to buy a drink is in the odd small bar on a top floor in hotels at huge prices, or around the pool of expensive hotels. No guest houses as we are used to in the UK. Drinking is not allowed in public apart from these very few bars. The traffic and driving must be some of the most dangerous in the world and I forecast now that there will be serious road accidents because the locals are idiots behind the wheel and have no road sense, it's them first in the queue and to hell with the rest of us. Car hire is very basic and from experience cars are not serviced to any of our western standards, so good luck. One cannot usually hire a car unless you are a resident and prove such. If a foreigner is involved in such an accident he is automatically the guilty party and the locals can do no wrong, I kid you not. You have been warned. They will need very large numbers of taxis and drivers because currently one cannot get a taxi for love or money unless you get one from a hotel at enormous costs. The place is a dust bucket and with all the building that will be necessary, built on slave labour by the way, it will be so much worse than it is now being a climate where dust hangs in the air. My advice, don't go, it's a dump, nothing to do in the evenings, and a spare day to 'sight-see' is too hot to go out although there are 'glamourous' shopping malls where you will be ripped off further. Sharia law already exists there and the place is half a step up from Saudi Arabia - just. I've lived there for several years so I speak from experience, one I could have done without!! The locals are surly and full of their own piss and importance. How was this country half the size of Wales been awarded the 2022 world football tournament? It beggars belief. Nuf said.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Weird Photo of Emperor Hirohito and British Troops

This image was captured of crown prince Hirohito reviewing troops in May 21, 1921, link . About 20 years, 5 months and 20 days later things were entirely different.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

War: Good, Necessary, Just

I don't think that there is such a thing as a "good war". There are sometimes "necessary wars". And I think Some might say "just wars". And that it never, I never questioned the necessary of that war [WWII] and still do not question that it was something that had to be done.

Sam Hynes in Ken Burns' The War

A Swiss Supervillian Datacenter

An anonymous commenter on my blogpost last year, "A Super Villain's Datacenter", sent me a link to another super villain server farm, Mount10. This one is is located in the Alps. In one of the Chung Kuo novels a super villain went to ground at a secret base high in the Alps.

The "Reliable" Criminal

"...They're reliable."

Which was a refrain I'd heard plenty of times before about criminals. They're reliable. The problem was, for most part, they weren't. They tended to be paranoid, highly strung, violent, and often drugged up, which was a pretty lethal combination. In the course of my career I've had two guns pulled on me, four knives, an axe, a tyre iron, even a fake medieval ball and chain. I've been held down by a gang of crazed thugs, flying on a diet of vodka and crack, who doused me in petrol and threatened to burn me alive unless I gave them the drugs I was supposedly carrying (I didn't, and they didn't), and many's the time I've woken up wondering when my luck's going to run out.

Undercover cop Sean Egan
in Simon Kernick's
The Last 10 Seconds.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Life, Death and Dogs

The Commodore Louis Kaestner, from his sickbed, talks on about the sickness and death about his late dog.

Its a fucking dog!
Jimmy Darmody

You're a stony little bastard.
The Commodore Louis Kaestner

I'm what time and circumstance has made me.
Jimmy Darmody

Problems with Paras

You also have the problem that dropping airborne on mountains results in a fair number of them being injured on landing with busted ankles, toes, legs, etc.

I remember my buddy who's actually does a lot of jump training with foreign crews who are qualifying for certain missions saying that it's gotten to the point where the USAF, USMC, and US Army actually have mathematical calculations they can run before each drop in order to figure out a rough estimate of how many people will be injured.

Apparently mountains are...rough on the math.

mmmeee0 on a thread on
about giant walkers,
Supposing walkers are a feasible craft...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Report From the Ancient Internet

Science Friday on NPR had a rebroadcast of first program that they also simlubroadcast on the "internet", A Trip Back To The Future of The Internet. People called in during the program using their, for the time, bleeding edge internet telephony on $8K UNIX machines. In the middle of program after suffering through internet telephony problems like packet loss and the walkie talkie/half-duplex nature of such early systems, the host Ira Flatow gives this understatement.
It seems to me the Internet is in a very crude stage.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Scary Words from a Vet

It's frightening
but you don't feel it
at the time
you want to live

And you want them to die

Sgt Joe Dawson 39th Militia Battalion (Australia)
recounting his experiences on Kokoda Trail
Kokoda: Invasion

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Are Richer Than You Think

The Global Rich List is a calculator designed to show you how rich you are compared with the whole Terran population as opposed to the Jones. Then it hits up for a contribution. In a way it is the reverse of the Total Perspective Vortex because it shows that compared the rest of humanity you are probably doing OK, if you viewing this blog on your own computer. The difference between prosperity and wealth to me is that prosperity depends on living standards whereas wealth is a measure of relative living standards.

Link given by the_lyniezian on thread Frivolous ASB Ideas Thread.

Latin Wikipedia

From a reference in thread Things that Look Like Alternate History.

Boardwalk Empire Economy 1920: New Dress

I do so love this.
Candidate Harding's girlfriend

Mademoiselle's taste is excellent.
Madame Jeunet

How much is it?
Candidate Harding's girlfriend

Madame Jeunet

Boardwalk Empire S01E09

in 2009 the relative worth of $480.00 from 1920 is:

$5,140.00 using the Consumer Price Index

$4,100.00 using the GDP deflator

$12,000.00 using the value of consumer bundle

$17,600.00 using the unskilled wage

$23,300.00 using the Production Worker Compensation

$26,800.00 using the nominal GDP per capita

$77,400.00 using the relative share of GDP

New Posts on the Relative Values in Boardwalk Empire and hopefully other shows as well

A lot of numbers come up in the new TV series Boardwalk Empire. From now I will post interesting prices that show up in this series. I will also go back and watch earlier episodes. When I have time I will do the same for Madmen the other great period program on TV now.

For relative values I will quote the number in show and give the relative values as provided/calculated from the Measuring Worth.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Politics is Sometimes More Important Than Dying

You son of a bitch, I'm dying. It's no time to be sentimental.

Commodore Louis Kaestne
to Treasure Nucky Thompson
putting politics above mortality or family
in Boardwalk Empire S01E0 9

Churchill Pwns Hitler

Found in the shallower waters
of the time wasting swamp that is
The Cheezburger Netwowork

This could also be
Amateur artist beats failed art student
Battalion commander beats corporal

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dark Tormented Cops

There is a great examination of the genre of hard edged British crime drama in a recent LA Times, British TV cops are a tormented lot.

And that's just the detective.

To this I would also add Judge Dredd, a combination cop, judge, jury and executioner tracking down perps for such crimes as littering, jay walking, theft and murder. Dystopic policing for a distopic world.

Television Archeology

Here are the ruins of set of an ancient TV show, MASH, last used about 2 decades ago. Above is a remaining vehicle left to rot, rust, molder away. Here is map coordinates for the set. Here is a story from the LA Times about the set and the efforts to save the MASH set, Hike to old 'MASH' set launches fundraiser for California parks.

There have been other instances of sets being abandoned in the middle of nowhere. This allows for the possibility for confusing future archeologists. Bits and pieces of movies sets would confuse chronologies and culture references. The more piecemeal future knowledge is the more seriously these sets would be trusted.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Transdimensional Portals and Aussie Beer

Tooheys is a Aussie beer company that previously made an ad about a tongue that goes on a beer run. In this ad a party goer searches too deeply in an ice filled sink and enters a world filled with transdimensional portals to other iced filled sinks/tubs from parties of the now and ever.

This is a beer equivalent of Being John Malkovich

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Valued Customers: The worst thing about any business

Our Valued Customers is a blog drawn by a guy who runs a comic store about the people who wander into the his store and occasionally buy things. I unfortunately recognized myself in several of the cartoons.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Matrix Effect

Ah, the early'90's: I was so innocent I barely knew which demographic I was.
Scott Brow in
Wired 2009/09/11 article "Geeky Friday

There is also an old saying that you should never examine too closely how sausages or laws are made. At the end of The Matrix, Neo can only see perceive the programming but not the our constructed reality.  Media training is good but it also robs you of the pleasure of pure consumerism / fandom.

The Financial Industry Lives Off the Stupid

There is an old joke where a prospective brokerage client is shown the impressive yachts owned by the partners. This leads the prospective brokerage client to ask where are clients' yachts. In the context of this strip Hardcastle is a stodgy and generally unsuccessful metal bashing company oop north.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Zombie Dancer

The Least Scary Scene in Dexter

That's either a saint or the most boring action figure I have ever seen.

being confronted with Harrison's nanny Catholicism,
Dexter S05e05

Monday, November 08, 2010

One Magic Minivan

The Renault Espace has been sold in Belgium for about 25 years. Renault recent campaign Renault Espace the for suggests that this one minivan is responsible for taller people, larger families and the complete elimination of canine abandonment.
(from Ads of the World)

The Hierarchy of Viewers

Welcome precious prime time viewers, valued internet down loaders and scary digital pirates.

Professor Frink
segmenting the audience on Treehouse of Horror 2010

Is that an Alien in his gut?

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Where Polar Bears Come Fromm

Many people looks at myths as explanations for how things have happened. However in my view myths are less explanation than explanation within in a world view, culture and religion. They more stories that stress the importance of a culture's world view, gods and heroes, than flat and culture free science and history. The story of creation is more a story of why "the heavens and the earth" were created, Genesis (1.1), then an explanation of how.

This short flash animation, Drunk Science, explains where polar bears come from.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Expendables - semi-live blogging

When I first saw ads for The Expendables I was impressed. Line up of cool, super cool action stars. Except that for Stallone, a sad, cowardly, pathetic, draft dodger. Which is ironic since he has based his career, in part, on John Rambo. I am sorry I just hate Stallone, not the least for his horrible portrayal of Judge Dredd.

first action sequence
saving prisoners from the scum of Somalia

What do you know, a greedy pirate.
Lee Christmas (Jason Stratham)

My opinion is that we should go back to tradition, ancient, of punitive raids. Every time Somali pirates raid a pirate castle should be destroyed , That is any nice piece property in Somalia that probably home to a pirate king. No reasoned argument will ever convince them to stop being pirates. In Beirut in the '80's a Soviet was kidnapped. The Soviets promptly went and snatched a relative of some prominent terrorist/jihadi/scum of the earth. They then sent back to the prominent terrorist/jihadi/scum of the earth the relative in bits and pieces. Soviets were off limits from then on.

I got 30 minutes into the film and I couldn't watch anymore. Goddamn you Stallone, destroyer of films.

Changing Definitions of Young & Middle Aged

Jill Clayburgh died today. One of her most notable roles was that of recent divorcee in the movie An Unmarried Women. In that movie was coming out of marriage after being married for 16 years. The character marries out high school, has children at least some of whom get to high school by the time marriage breaks up. In the 19th century most marriages ended after 25 years, people would die. She was 34 when the movie was made in 1978. Now the age of first marriages for upper middle class couples is the middle thirties. Take look at the wedding announcements at the NY Times.

The Expendables Mashup With So Many CGI Toons

Friday, November 05, 2010

Two Cars Too Close Tonight

Downtown Toronto @ Bay & Charles
Friday 05/11/10

Is a Universe Without Rambo That Bleak

Posted by wearedamob in the thread, US Victory in Vietnam 1972: What Does 2010 Look Like? He follows this up with:
Yup, the future would be a bleak, dark world without Rambo.
But a world without chicken hawks like Sylvester Stallone, George W Bush, Tom Clancy and other sleazy cowards would be a more positive place. For more details and to nominate go to NH Gazette's Chickenhawk Hall of Shame.

The Vacancy Rate by Building and Floor on Bay St

Above is a graphic from an article on the towers in the Toronto financial district, Toronto’s aging office towers losing tenants to new eco-friendly offerings. As many have pointed out before commercial real estate is a trailing economic indicator. The tallest buildings are finished in economic downturns, see Empire State Building. The signature building, the namesake building is often built when a company peaks and begins its decline, see Pan Am and Sears or even fictional Sterling Cooper. Office buildings occupancy rates peak just before a downturn. Vacancy rates then increase as new buildings are finished and businesses reduce their leased space. Then as economic conditions improve office space is taken up until vacancy rates hit new lows. The fact, according to this article, that vacancy rates are still increasing is not a good sign.

This is with our economic system however at other times and places property developers have less constraints placed on them. According Simon Johnson the 3rd world suffers from "financial oligarchy". Only the connected in these societiesget funding/credit. The result is an orgy of overbuilding that exaggerates the boom/bust cycle in commercial real estate as building are built on spec, see Dubai, Texas in the '80s, The SE Asia crash in the '90s.

Years ago I got into an empty, never being occupied, floor at the south end of Eaton's Centre. It was eerie, an eerie aerie, with only the sound of the Peruvian flutes coming from the street below.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Breaking into the Board Game Market and the Reluctance to Learn New Rules

I play different board games with two very different groups of players. I play games like Apples to Apples to Apples or Scrabble with groups of people who only want play games they already know and/or easy to play. With hard core gamers I play much more complicated games. I have played roleplaying games each of which consists of volumes of rules. I have played Avalon Hill games including Advanced Squadleader, ASL "rulebook" is a thick binder with space for future rule expansions. I have played home brew games, variants and beta tests.

That being said there are the hard core gamers might spend more time and money. However there are many people who play games, family games, party games. In the The Globe & Mail's ROB article about a company trying to break into the board game market, How Spin Master learned to play with the giants, there is this explanation of this phenomenon.
“Consumers feel comfortable when they know the rules from a game of the past[and] don’t have to read the rule book.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Trivia Question #1

UPDATE 11/2/2010

What are the only 4 countries in the world with more than 2 timezones? And for bonus points can you name which of these four:
  • Is in a different hemisphere? - Australia, in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Has a different official language? - Russia, Russian
  • Was not attacked in WWII? - Canada
  • Was not a monarchy in August 1914? - USA
Remember there is a different answer for each question.

Geography Trivia #3

What is city is home to the greatest number of Saskatchewanians.

(Scroll down and highlight to see


Globe & Mail Tuesday, Nov. 02, 2010,
Saskatchewan goes fishing in Calgary’s labour pool

"...Calgary, which is brimming with Saskatchewan émigrés – as many as 250,000, according to some estimates. If that number is even remotely accurate, greater Calgary would rival Regina (population 200,000) and Saskatoon (250,000) as a home for Saskatchewanians."

Star Wars in 8Bit

This ad is part of a campaign for a Russian movie theatre chain. The use of 8Bit graphics is supposed to make movie fans of a certain think that every thing is improved and technology makes movies better. I thinks the ads are counterproductive. It will make people nostalgic about the great games and great movies in years past. Today there is real crap that is much more technically sophisticated than the kind of fun stuff that entertained us in the past.

This ad depicts a scene from 8Bit Star Wars. I would watch an 8Bit Star Wars. When George Lucas made the secound trilogy, or first inn the timeline, he focusedn more on the movie technology than the actual movie. What distracts filmmakers with a wealth of new technology is the fixation on The medium is the message but sometiimes the message is the message.

(from Ads of the World) <>

Sunday, October 31, 2010

USS Enterprise Owner's Workshop Manual

Haynes, American trade/brand name Chilton, is a company that produces detailed technical manuals for just about all makes and models of cars, trucks and motorcycles. The above, the USS Enterprise Owner's Workshop Manual, has a cutaway diagram of the USS Enterprise A. Every Starfleet engineer will wnat one.

You Really Can See Russia From Alaska

This is picture from the top of Little Diomede, Alaska, looking across to Big Diomede, Siberia. They really are that close. The real quote of Sarah Palin: "They're our next-door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska"? This quote was exaggerated by Tina Fey into "I can see Russia from my house". You can look from the Alaskan Island to the coast of mainland Siberia and from the Siberian island to the coast of mainland Alaska.

You can think dumb Sarah Palin for many reasons but not for this one.

I got to use a new measuring tool on Google Maps.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oil Depletion in Los Angeles

From the LA Almanac is this charts of the Great Oil Fields of LA County. The first you notice is the last field to be discovered was about 80 years ago. Second is that the oil is gone, mostly gone, with the remaining wells dribbling oil at much less than gusher strength. There are some myopic sorts in the US who believe that the solution for their energy independence is "drill, baby drill". Will it is true that private mineral claim/public royalty systems lead to active prospecting than the statist economic systems that prevail in OPEC. All that means is that resources are found faster not that there are more resources to find.

Also check out this chart of declining oil production in LA.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Briefcase Gun

The Shipping News - Past & Present

The image above is a detail from a Globe & Mail ROB graphic, The Global Shipping News. Three years ago this blog has an entry on Windjammer and East Indiaman Shipping Lanes. The link was from a economic history blog. That map was created by going through ship logs to find relative positions of a couple hundred ships from the 17th to 19th centuries. There is a new crowd source project, Old Weather, out there to look in the same logs, types of logs, to gets weather readings that can be graphed in time and space. This project is also looking at a different collection of ships than the Windjammer one. Old Weather is getting people to transcribe logs from Royal Navy ships from the late 19th and early 20th century. The other project had looked at English, French and Dutch in both commercial and government hands.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Corrupt Atlantic City Cop: Boardwalk Empire

Doesn't wearing a Sam Browne make the sheriff in Boardwalk Empire look like a certain corporal.

The Last Classic Mafia Widow Tells What

While watching Boardwalk Empire S01E03 I was alerted to the existence of Al Capone wife, Mae Capone, an Irish lass, she lived to 1986, Al Capone's widow was around in the '80s.

No TV specials ever.

Meditation On Coolness

There is seems be some sort power that allows cool people to imbue things with cool. Things become cool because the Cool Ones do it, own it, wear it, smoke it. But this is not permanent condition. Uncool people can also destroy cool. It is how things fall out of fashion. The uncool get a hold of it, the it, whatever it that cool did, owned, wore, smoked. At that point it, the it, is uncool. The cool have moved on or the embrace of the cool it by the uncool has transformed it into kitsch. People can not become cool by imitating the cool. Maybe advertising should remember that.

Here is TV Tropes examination of cool.

New Sears Campaign Makes Zombies Boring

Zombies and zombiism is normally such a fun and twisted corner of pop culture. They're kinda of cool. Sure, usually, well usually if the stars align. The above is taken from, which in the run up to Halloween is targeting the zombie demographic.

Galaxy Zoo

Galaxy Zoo is crowd sourced project to classify galaxies. In the talk given by Chris Lintott, one the Galaxy Zookeepers explains the image above, watch on Big Ideas, listen on Big Ideas, explains the need for us to help astronomers. The problem is that our technology allows us to many, many, many more galaxy than in the past when galaxy photos could be published, on in thin books,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zombie Stickers for Halloween

Here are these cool stickers.from the website for a new zombie novel, Rise Again. Here is the full sized PDF for the above. Be the first zombie on the block.

It is interesting how zombism has grown so much in popularity over the past decades.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Hard To Be Irish

As far as I'm concerned they can take St Patrick's day and sell it for scrap.
Enoch "Nucky" Thompson

Dad says because you hate being Irish
Elias "Eli" Thompson

I love being Irish. What I hate is the yearly display of crying, arguing and public drunkenness that goes with it.
Enoch "Nucky" Thompson

Centuries of loss. We're a sorrowful people.
Elias "Eli" Thompson

Maybe it will snow.
Enoch "Nucky" Thompson

Boardwalk Empire S01e05

Sunday, October 10, 2010


That is a problem for future Homer. Man I don't envy that guy.

Homer Simpson, Simpson S22E03

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Initation to CSI

I think every new hire should experience an autopsy their first night.

Jim Brass CSI S01E01

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nuit Blanche 2010

The Balloon Art of Menace

The Street Level, (truck sized) Light-Brite

The Hanging Suit (body?) in in Gym with the video screens of Chandeliers

The Shadow Box of Parkdale

The Giant Metal Pine Cone

The Burning Giant Metal Pine Cone

The Swinging Fender (Audience Participation encouraged)

Monday, October 04, 2010


He thought. Fucking Aristotle.

Enoch "Nucky" Thompson
dealing with dumb underlings,
Boardwalk Empire S01e03

What's "motherfucker mean?
Enoch "Nucky" Thompson

I suppose its a schwarzer word.

Boardwalk Empire S01e03

Monday, September 27, 2010

Funerals to Serial Killers

So this how normal people do it.
No hefty bags
No diesel fumes

Dexter, Dexter S05E01

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dead Thoughts

Nothing like walking up on a crime scene. I'm going to miss that when I retire.

Sgt Jesse Longford
Detroit 187 S01E01

Some other thoughts on Detroit 187
  • Language and odd American TV laws: I have been watching so many cable show lately that actual bleeping of "bad" words is more than a little juvenile. It is difficult for a crime drama to avoid the F word because ill bred criminals swear. The Law & Orders do so with middle class preps. The CSIs do so by focusing on the messy aftermath of death and the nerdy lab geeks. At this point it hard to take seriously a non-cable drama from the US.
  • CNN effect: Each murder is given a cute name. Locations and characters are named. Subtitles have often been described as being too onerous for average movie goers however descriptive captions can work as a dramatic device.
  • Isolating with technology: Fitch, the Michael Imperioli character, mainly talks with his partner by cellphone.
  • Detroit the New Beirut: the show is filmed on location in such a way to make Detroit both empty and decaying, the end result of bad government, incompetent capitalism, population decline and malign neglect.
  • The Ironic Death, retirony, look it up on TV Tropes.

City of Narrowing Horizons

Detroit Michigan
Birthplace of Motown
And once the heart of the automobile industry
Now It has one of the highest murder rates in the country
For The Men and Women
Of Detroit's Homicide unit
Every Life Counts
Every Murder tells a story

Intro to Detroit 187 S01E01

Quotes from Terriers S01E02

As a rule I don't like getting my ass kicked for free.

Hank Dolworth
expressing the motto for all unlicensed PIs,
bounty hunters and other semi-professional semi-legitimate
law enforcement hangersons.

This thing itches
Britt Pollack

That because it belongs to a rich person
Hank Dolworth

Walking around at the nice part of track
in borrowed clothes from a friendly drycleaner

Terriers S01E02