Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Star Wars in 8Bit

This ad is part of a campaign for a Russian movie theatre chain. The use of 8Bit graphics is supposed to make movie fans of a certain think that every thing is improved and technology makes movies better. I thinks the ads are counterproductive. It will make people nostalgic about the great games and great movies in years past. Today there is real crap that is much more technically sophisticated than the kind of fun stuff that entertained us in the past.

This ad depicts a scene from 8Bit Star Wars. I would watch an 8Bit Star Wars. When George Lucas made the secound trilogy, or first inn the timeline, he focusedn more on the movie technology than the actual movie. What distracts filmmakers with a wealth of new technology is the fixation on The medium is the message but sometiimes the message is the message.

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