Sunday, July 29, 2012

Advertising at the BBC, Really

The BBC is famous for not being advertising supported network. Just now I went to there for a news story, Boris Johnson hails 'Olympomania' for torch at Hyde Park. It was preceded by a ad from HP. Admittedly video from the BBC is normally blocked to non-UKians.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Light Sabres For Sale

I came across this ad at Cracked. The company, Ultra Sabres, sells light sabres and kits to make them as well as parts. I don't i think I'd prefer a sword that can really kill and maim. However as non lethal toys they sound like a good idea.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life is Hell - "Optimist"

How do you do it.  Even people like me who have criticized you really do admire your resolve.
Susan Berg, journalist

my usual answer is that I share the ethos with most Americans. If you work hard and give it everything you got tomorrow will be better than today.
Elaine Barrish, United States Secretary of State

And the truth?
Susan Berg, journalist

Most of life is hell, it is filled with failure and loss. People disappoint you. Dreams don't work out. Hearts get broken. Innocent journalists die. And the best moments in life when everything comes together are few and fleeting.

But you will never get to next great moment if you don't keep going.
Elaine Barrish, United States Secretary of State

two characters in the miniseries Political Animals.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Spiderman (2002) Rewatch

Things are stable for a long time then suddenly changes. Punctuated equilibrium can also explain social and technological changes. Things can change gradually and rapidly at the same time. Fashion can evolve and change slowly, adapt and then can be completely changed overnight.

Wigs, powered or not, were worn, as prescribed by fashion, by men from about 1650 to 1800.  There was gradual change in the shape, size, and color. Then there was sudden change as wigs completely fell out of fashion.

A similar process has happened/is happening with men's suits. At one point men of all classes wore suits, to the ball park, to picnics, even if they were complete and total slobs. Men would wear jacket and ties waiting in a soup line. Chaplin's character, the Tramp, mostly wears a jacket and tie. Now the voluntary wearing of suits and ties has declined. Worn now primarily when dress codes are enforced.

I decided  to rewatch Spiderman (2002) because of the unnecessary relaunch of the franchise. Weirdly for a movie only a decade old seems already to be from another era. A decade ago, when there were lan cafes, I saw ads this movie at the lan cafe I used to go to. Spiderman was filmed before the iPod when only a third of Americans had cell phones.

Here are some of the things I noticed are depict a world of last century and not the time we live in now.

Old style camera with film

Want ads on paper

Cathode Ray Television


Saturday, July 07, 2012

Overheard Cellphone Conversation #1

...he left me bleeding with Dexter...

Overheard cellphone conversation
7/7/2012 21:31

The Killer Within - At Microsoft

The first time we met face-to-face, I thought, This guy looks like an operative for the N.K.V.D. (sic)
Paul Allen, quoted in  Microsoft’s Odd Couple
describing Steve Ballmer.

Interesting article about the early years of Microsoft by its co founder Paul Allen, Microsoft’s Odd Couple, linked from slashdot, Microsoft's 'Cannibalistic Culture'. I also read the Isaacson biography of Jobs recently. The major similarity between Jobs and Gates is that they are/were complete and total bastards willing to screw their friends/partners for just a little more money/power.  

Disclaimer: I use a PC.