Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life is Hell - "Optimist"

How do you do it.  Even people like me who have criticized you really do admire your resolve.
Susan Berg, journalist

my usual answer is that I share the ethos with most Americans. If you work hard and give it everything you got tomorrow will be better than today.
Elaine Barrish, United States Secretary of State

And the truth?
Susan Berg, journalist

Most of life is hell, it is filled with failure and loss. People disappoint you. Dreams don't work out. Hearts get broken. Innocent journalists die. And the best moments in life when everything comes together are few and fleeting.

But you will never get to next great moment if you don't keep going.
Elaine Barrish, United States Secretary of State

two characters in the miniseries Political Animals.

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Tallifer said...

Life is hell when your friends are late for the D&D game! And don't answer their email. hahaha