Friday, May 18, 2012

The Perils of Being a Soap Opera Character

I don't understand why this keeps happening?

Christina Yang; after being in a plane crash,
after having her dislocated shoulder put right without anesthetic,
after watching a friend die,
 after setting a compound fracture,
after telling the pilot of her crashed aircraft he will never walk again,
while tramping through the woods looking
for another friend who maybe dead or seriously injured.

Grey's Anatomy S08E14

Thursday, May 17, 2012

When Not To Wear Tie

On Downton Abbey S03E04 the only proper times for not wearing a tie is:

when one is grievously  injured

on one's deathbed

Pirate Bay is Down

I am reminded of a footer/quote I used to see;
More people support the KKK
Than the RIAA  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Care and Feeding of Lawyers

This fake ad is actually from a business lobby group, Center for Consumer Freedom. In American conservative circles, I mean business lobbies, one of the rallying calls is against trial lawyers. Trail lawyers are defined as members of the bar that sue corporations without suing on behalf of corporations. That is lawyers who are not employed by business interests to further business interests. They need a better argument. This ad is funny but shallow.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wishful Thinking

"There's no such thing as a bloodless victory. Not outside children's manga."

A fanfic writer on put it the best in a deconstruction of time travel-fics.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Kitten Cam

Miraranda and her kitten's are on the Kitten Cam. You can watch live or rewind.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

What Tattoo Locations Mean

Ronin_S posted this in a Fark thread about tattoos. I like how head and hands tattoos are described.

I have added examples of tattoos from Ugliest Tattoos as examples after the jump.

In 1953 World Wide Computing = 1 Commodore 64

Have just started reading Turing's Cathedral, by George Dyson. Tells about the development and growth of digital computing in the 1940s and 1950s. According to the book, in March 1953 OTL there were 53 kilobytes of high-speed random-access memory on the planet Earth. If you consider that the UTers brought a quantum leap more RAM alone with them in just one of their various devices, imagine the boost to digital computing ITTL. This timeline's 2011 should have computing capabilities we won't have for many years.

Otis R. Needleman in the thread

Obama = White Guy in Blackface

Obama...basically a smart, middle class white guy with dark skin and an unusual life story who reinvented himself as a black guy for reasons of political opportunism and self-fulfillment. 

R2D2 Channeling Bender

Let us not forget the KIll all humans trope.

Found at Cracked.

Neopagans and Ancient Pagans

I came across an essay by a Germanic neopagan, Asatruar and Tattoos. Personally I don't get tattoos. However the article had some good points some explored the blog. There was a link to a group called Occupy Heathens. There a Mikkel was complaining that heathens need to stay away from the Occupy Movement.

Not trying to start a war here but the OWS movement has been making itself look very unsavory as of late, I really think us Heathens and Pagans should separate ourselves from their failing movement. They do not represent what we stand for. Their camps have proven to be filthy, disease infested, crime ridden, and wasteful. They are not self-sufficient individuals as Asatruar and other heathens are supposed to be, they want hand-outs.

In Tacitus's Germania there are numerous passages that describe the ancient Germans in similar manner. The quotes from below are taken from the English translation at Gutenberg.

During the intervals of war, they pass their time less in hunting than in a sluggish repose, divided between sleep and the table.

Their thirst for liquor is not quenched with equal moderation. If their propensity to drunkenness be gratified to the extent of their wishes, intemperance proves as effectual in subduing them as the force of arms.

Then they proceed, armed, to business, and not less frequently to convivial parties, in which it is no disgrace to pass days and nights, without intermission, in drinking. The frequent quarrels that arise amongst them, when intoxicated, seldom terminate in abusive language, but more frequently in blood.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ötzi The Biker

This image is from Album: A New Face for Ötzi the Iceman Mummy. It is part of an article/slide show about Ötzi the Ice Man. Found this link in a Fox News (horrors) article about Ötzi, 'Iceman' mummy holds world's oldest blood cells.

The comments for these pictures are uses a facebook app. Because of that the comments are more pop cultural than scientific.

Looks like he was born to ride.

Just a small mild irredendist comment. Ötzi was found 92 metres inside Italy. Or to say 92 metres inside Italian occupied Austrian South Tyrol. Don't tell me that the issue is resolved.  The Gruber–De Gasperi Agreement was signed in 1946, not a time when the Austria had a lot of diplomatic leverage and was still occupied by the Soviets among  others.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Cruel and Unusual Punishment - Gitmo Under New Management

“We were, but plans changed. Its under international management now. It’s being organized by the Italians, Bangladesh is providing the funding, the Germans the guards, the Russians the political speeches, the Belgians the entertainment, the Japanese the music and the British are providing the food.”

Petraeus visibly winced at the thought. “Ma’am, that’s inhuman. Please, whoever thought that arrangement up, buy them a beer for me.”

quoted by Dumanios at Civ Fanatics

Traced back to a chapter in a story on 
Star Destroyer, Armageddon???? (Part Fifty Up), 
by Stuart.

Cover of Civilaztion IV Theme

Darth Vader Microsite