Thursday, May 03, 2012

Neopagans and Ancient Pagans

I came across an essay by a Germanic neopagan, Asatruar and Tattoos. Personally I don't get tattoos. However the article had some good points some explored the blog. There was a link to a group called Occupy Heathens. There a Mikkel was complaining that heathens need to stay away from the Occupy Movement.

Not trying to start a war here but the OWS movement has been making itself look very unsavory as of late, I really think us Heathens and Pagans should separate ourselves from their failing movement. They do not represent what we stand for. Their camps have proven to be filthy, disease infested, crime ridden, and wasteful. They are not self-sufficient individuals as Asatruar and other heathens are supposed to be, they want hand-outs.

In Tacitus's Germania there are numerous passages that describe the ancient Germans in similar manner. The quotes from below are taken from the English translation at Gutenberg.

During the intervals of war, they pass their time less in hunting than in a sluggish repose, divided between sleep and the table.

Their thirst for liquor is not quenched with equal moderation. If their propensity to drunkenness be gratified to the extent of their wishes, intemperance proves as effectual in subduing them as the force of arms.

Then they proceed, armed, to business, and not less frequently to convivial parties, in which it is no disgrace to pass days and nights, without intermission, in drinking. The frequent quarrels that arise amongst them, when intoxicated, seldom terminate in abusive language, but more frequently in blood.

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