Monday, July 28, 2008

Crazy Quebeckers

There seems to be something in the Quebec gene pool a psychotic bent that gives rise to a disproportionate number of cold blooded killers.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Passive Aggressive Batman

I'm not going to kill you but I don't have save you.

Batman to frenemy Henri Ducard in Batman Begins

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Star Tek Nerdity

People often make fun of nerds. Today on one of my favorite nerd site,, I have come across an amazingly nerdy thread, though admittedly in the nonpolitical chat section. On sports bulletin boards there are arguments about the greatest left handed pitcher in the pre-expansion American League. This argument, "who's the greatest Klingon warrior ever?", encapsulates all of the nerdiness of trekers.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Prophetic words

"[The Germans] will never know what fighting [is] until they meet in a popular war, American or British troops."

Phil Sheridan

Friday, July 11, 2008

An Apt Description of the Undead

They're dead. They're all messed up.

Policeman describing the zombie hordes
in Night of The Living Dead.

Comments About Paul Bernardo by his Lawyer

He is polite, he is respectful, he is appreciative of my time - thats three more attributes then most clients.

Paul Bernardo defense lawyer Tony Byrant
on his client, in Macleans June 30, 2008

Montaigne said no man is hero to his valet. But in this it is possible for a monster to be human to be human to his lawyer.

Space Hipsters - Whatever

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Alien Wrestling

Here is amusing little video about Alien Wrestling, the IWE. Thankful it doesn't use the stereotypical Star Trek fight music that Futurama also employed on a number of occasions.

The Alpha Bravo NATO Standard Phonetic Alphabet

When ever I use this phonetic alphabet I often get strange signs looks and questions. I don't know why since it has been an international standard of most of the "free world" for more than half a century, it was adopted in 1951. Remember I am not the weird one for using it and if you don't know it yet you are the weird ones, or do need another 50 years to learn it.

Living With Clockwork

I have no idea what this is about. But it looks interesting. Here is some more information about this and the movie it is an except for from The Cabinet of Wonders.

Monday, July 07, 2008

More Creepy Union Busting Ads

This series of ads uses that actor who played Johnny Sack on the Sopranos. But the ads are lying. Right now under US labor law there can be a vote for union representation after 30% of a bargaining unit has signed union cards. All the proposed law does is make union recognition automatic after 50% +1 have signed union cards. What the ad implies is that the identity of people who sign union cards now are secret.

Unfortunate Ad Placement

The Problem with Buffering

Toilet Paper as Civilization

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Magic Thinking and Politics

Assuming some one like is someone just like you because you like them is a little silly. In the discussion of this editorial cartoon on Ted Rall's site there is this observation by Thomas Daulton.

Geez, this is sooo sooo true, (plus a Trek reference to boot! Thanks ! !)

However, it wasn't just 1992 when that happened. Even as late as 2000, when I posted stuff on my website about how Al Gore was proposing a larger military budget and more Star Wars than George Bush, people would write me and say (and I quote) "He'll drop all those things once he gets into office, he's only saying that to fool the hicks in the South, you have to read between the lines."

Sorry, Aggie Dude, I think it might actually be more intelligent to vote for [or against] a candidate because "you know where he stands" rather than voting for him because you fantasize that he agrees with you. At least it's realistic. I think, I hope, I pray, that the last eight years of unresponsiveness on the part of the Democrats has really taught people a lesson: when a candidate expresses support for something, {like, say, telecom immunity or bombing Iran}, -- even conditional support -- then what it means is that they support it. So if you do not support that idea, and the idea is important enough to you, then you might consider voting for someone else, or else the policy you disfavor is likely to pass with the help of your vote.

Corollary: if you think your favorite candidate is lying or exaggerating or otherwise misleading voters with his statements, and that you know his "true" stance, well the odds are better than even that you are the one being deceived, not the other voters.

How to Stop Commies

Here is ad for a short film festival, in Toronto but I never saw it on TV there, of a man facing down a column of Chinese Communist tanks.

You Are What You Shoot - Sony

Here is an ad from Sony Cybershot that promotes the idea that using a camera should be a daily event or you will be seen a little simple. Here is a collection of short ads from the same campaign.

Stuff as Food

Here is the latest video from PES.

The Natural History of Animation

This is an interesting but quite disneycentric view of the natural history of animation. Tony White, the creator of this film, seen here and here talking about this project and book, is concerned about the viability of future populations of animators with out education and apprenticeship. However the discussion at Cartoon Brew while generally agreeing with the need for animation education take issue with idea of Walt Disney as some noble leader of the only true animators.

(found on Cartoon Brew)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Zombie Claymation

Here is some truly horrifying animation of zombie attack and the destruction of the zombies by a chainsaw wielding Maid.

Interview with The Walrus

Much like The Interview With Dali this is taped interview with john Lennon that has been animated and expanded on. Instead of character animated the images are tangents spun off from John's words.

Afghan National Army Abuses

There have been a number of reports of Afghan National Army, Toronto Star June 16 2008, raping Taliban "suspects. This is not the case of these troops being "western supported" but because they are Muslim troops. Muslim armies have had 2 great and well earned reputations over the years as cowards and rapists. Much of the objection to "Crusaders" or western troops being stationed in Muslim counties is that there are like the undisciplined rabble just like local "armies.

Friday, July 04, 2008

St James Infirmary Blues by Cab Calloway as Zombie

The producers of Popeye didn't have the big success of Walt Disney. However they did some cartoons with Cab Calloway providing both music, voice and his own rotoscoped dance steps. In this piece Cab sings the song of a dead cartoon character.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Racial Differences in Punishment

Speaking as a Virginian I don't hold to flogging white men
Capitan Leroy, Sharpe S01E02

Georgian Military Life Cycle

I was born in a brothel. I grew up in a orphanage. I hope to die in the army.