Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pussyphillia and Drunken Monkeys

A while ago in Slate magazine the Ad Report Card, there was a story about strange rat like spokesvermin. There was link in that article about the creators of that ad. Now nearly 18 months later I finally go to Rathergood.

I go look at Rathergood only because I followed a link from a NY Times article was on dominence of cats on the web. On Rathergood the best music video was The First drink of the Day. The sight of drunken monkeys dancing and playing on flying beer cans was energizing. In the same way a new Ringo Starr song Free drinks, is good drunken song.

100% recycled material.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Islamic Terrorism and remedies.

Lately, because of the recent incidents in London I have been tracking the reporting of the "Moslem problem in Europe". Some of the reports have attempted to explain the reasons why a group of third generation moslems in the Midlands would want to kill. The reasons that I have generally heard boil down to anger and shame. To which I would add the apocalyptic goal of Caliphate over the whole world. I would suggest that this goal is related to all the supposed reasons.

We have to remember that Islam what spread as a governmental system that had a religon attached. After an area was conquered its inhabitants were encouraged to convert to get a tax break and to be spared enslavement, see the Sudan. Lately I have reading a suitably scary website called Khilafah. It doesn't aim to be scary but it has pronouncements like the below. they are of course forbidden from supporting political parties that stand on platforms of kufr.

Islam grants non-Muslims who hold citizenship, the full rights and duties that Muslims have. Thus again identifying islam as a state instead of a religon. Found in a long series complaining that the Taliban were in sufficently Islamic. Even through the rhetoric of this group rarely spits venom, it can still be scary as in this post about how "respect and tolerance only goes so far". Complaining that in the west Islam can only be a religon.

Look here for a Site called Jihad Watch.

I think the events in London this month show the problem with having immigration to fix short term labor shortages.

In the US and Canada the Japanese population, first to third generation were interned in WWII. At the time the security services suggested that there was no threat. And the programs were pushed through to give some a chance to loot Japanese assets. By all analysis it was pointless.

That was then. Maybe we in the west will have to intern Moslem populations as a precaution. It does not have to be total only those between 15 and 60.

Karma Ghost

Karma Ghost is a little parable of how all your sins will eventually bite you in the ass. Spooky.

The animation and art design is like the early 1960's. Nice music too.

Hong Kong Action cartoon

One Gun, is an action-adventure flash animation. The animation isn't very fluid, the drawing is clusmy and the 3D modeling is chunky. But the direction and the story, uh wow. The creator of this flash lists hong kong action films as his major influence. Nice, appropriate music too.

Another fine piece of flash from Newgrounds. Note, graphic violence.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Orwell in Burma

Listened to an interesting storyon NPR about Burma, that a pseudonymed writer has just written. The writer, Emma Larkin, reported that the Burmese consider that Orwell wrote three books about Burma. Burmese Days, about the colonial period, Animal Farm about decolonization, and 1984 about the current state of tranny in Burma. To that list Shooting an Elephant could be added as well.

Orwell as also shown up in my favorite Newsgroup soc.history.what-if, also accessible through google.

In 2003 Phil Hunt started a DBWI, wondering what would have been Orwell impact if he had died in the late forties. Look here for The Road to Saigon not written. And another post about Orwell's 100th birthday.

George Orwell, or at least non pseudonymed as Eric Blair, in a huge multipart timeline "A Shot Heard Around the World". He shows up in a where are they now piece as police official/part time writer.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hippo Song

Noodles on My Back is annother uncharacteristically light heart flash from Newgrounds.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tanks alot

Check out this Flickr group of Tanks. A repost of a newsgroup.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Weaponized Toothbrush

In the series Oz, thoothbrushes often were represented as weapons. There was in even an episode were techique the techinique of making a non-metal shiv. This picture is from a story about how a Russian weapons designer made is own toothbrush club.

The way to turn your toothbrush into shiv is to sharpen the handle to a point. It doesn't need to be sharp since it is going to be stabbed not slashed. (link from

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gravity Game

I came accross this great game, Orbit, on Newgrounds. You have to send comets in stable orbits. As the game goes on more and more planet/stars are added with each level.

This is not the usual fare for Newgrounds. Usually they get the first Flash animations produced by budding programmers. That is extremely violent and offensive flash. My favorite flash cartoon series full of offensive violence is the Retarded Animals Babies.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cult Blogs

I was fiddling around with some options for my log when I'm was given an option to use the Weblog feature. This is a service which provides a central list of blogs and their update times. So I look down the list of recently updated blogs, recently updated in the past 6 minutes. What I found disheartening is that most of the "blogs" so mentioned were not just transparently commercial but commercials with nothing else. Of the blogs produced by "humans" most appear to be from the Movementarians.

Movementarians: (noun), American political cult of like minded, like thinking, like breathing robots. They have surendered their power of thought so that they can all agree all the time.

I looked at a couple of conservative blogs and then followed links from there to other conservative blogs. The random assortment of interlinked blogs had posts on the same topics du jour. What I found agreement in topic, wording and tone.

What does this sound like

I was zoning out listening to Sleepbot, look here for filmstrip history of sleepbot. And I heard this rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, etc and after going to current song playlist I found it was the sound of an adult cheetah from a CD, made from naturalists field recording.

Outside the Circle of Fire, Chris Watson. Cheetah picture from a zoo.

Odd American reaction

Did any one else catch in all effusive American comments of solidarity with Britain. That the last time London was hit by terrorists it was from the IRA who were mainly funded by Americans.

The cartoon is from Christian Science Monitor which is from Boston, the source of much terrorist funding of the IRA.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Amateur photos on BBC website

The BBC website has a number of pictures from the public, in fact most of their pictures are from the "amateur photographers".

Muslim Discovery of Europe

I recently read this book by Bernard Lewis. It is a diplomatic history consisting analysis of archives and letters and other communications. It is not a whiz bang history but the result of someone diving into lots of archives, looking at tens pf thousands of documents, referring to thousands and quoting hundreds.

Lately, since 911, and before Lewis has been both well hated and loved. All this hatred and love has less to do with his merits as a historian than to content of his works.

The hatred comes from one side who feels he is not sufficently pro-arab.

Arab Moslem Terrorists strike again

Arab Moslem Terrorists strike again, probably, against people whose primary crime is not being Arab Moslem Terrorists. There is nothing we can do to satisfy demands that we also turn into Arab Moslem Terrorists. One demands of AMTs is the return of Caliphate and the extension of the Caliphate accross the entire world. Maybe then they will be happy. It like being held hostage by a kidnapper and the ransom demand is your slavery.

The photo is from the BBC website, I only got notice of the blast from Boingboing. Before then I was trying to connect to BBC Radio 4, and was failing even to get the BBC site. I thought I had technical problems because early this week I was having long involved conversations with my ISP's technical support. I had to connect my modem direct to a phone a wait while it was tuned. They had to thottle back the modem to 80% of peak, because my distance from an exchange.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Odd picture of a gun

This is the Savage 36CAL 1860 Model Revolver. Doesn't the grip remind one of some sort of 16th or 18th century pistol. This is because the handle is im line with the barrel rather than somehow stuck below it. The hammer is also curious, it has the same swan neck shape that is seen seen on flintlocks. It looks much more primative than the Colt Single Action Army 1873.

Got this picture and others in the set at

History's Greatest Murderers

The kicker is that the corpse of Mao is still being revered in the dictatorship of communist china. Or should I give it its proper title, The People's Oppressive Tyranny of Communist China. This is of course no step up at all from what it was before the various revolutions last century, The Celestial Empire of Oppressive Tyranny.

The Catoonist, Lief Zetterling.
Found on Cagle's Editorial cartoons.

Hellhounds On His Trail - The Robert Johnson Story

The BBC have a new documentry about Robert Johnson on Radio 2. I am just listening to the documentry now. It going feature all those great British Bluesmen like Plant, Clapton and the Stones.

Friday, July 01, 2005

evil politics

The Movementarians who robotically control the US republicans are happy to see the last of Sandra Day O'Connor. They saw her as someone who insufficently commited to their cult. Many of the commentators support their cult because it is their cult and because they are paid to. The cultists were upset because O'Connor tried hard to intrepret the law impartially instead of following the party line. Shrub, or at least the armed wing of his party, has stated a desire for a true conservative is is not swayed by mere considerations of the law.

Of course the most notorious example of party line behavior is the behavior of the communists before and during and after WWII. Before WWII there were in favour of war on Germany, the same party line was used in multiple countries. Then the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact occured and all communists every where was in pacificists. Then after Operation Barbarossa was launched all communists everywhere were in favour of war. With the cold war developed and all communists every where were in favour of peace and disarmment. The Neocons who are currently infesting Republican party in the US were origimally Trots, or trotskyites.

Of course if you you are going to back evil why not back the worse evil. Check out Cthulhu for President. Their slogan is "Why vote for a lesser evil?" And then recently on SHWI Mike Ralls wondered what would have happened if H. P. Lovecraft created his own cult in same manner of L. Ron
Hubbard. He also included is a theology lesson in the manner of the Jack Chick publications.

Hot Lead, short film

I came accross Hot Lead on IFilm. It is something between full animation and filmed comic book panels. Check out this pulp.

Teach your dog to detect corpses

Came across this great book on alt.binaries.ebook.technical. When I figure out how to post PDFs I will post it so everyone with a dog can train them with this skill.

One horrible thought, if sheep dog trials are televised what would corpse dog trials look like?

Nelson's Fleet

Because of the bicentennial of the battle of Trafalgar the British archives have put a site where you can search for all the who were at the battle of Trafalgar with the Royal Navy. This database is derived from pay records.

See also the thread where I found this on soc.history.what-if, whisch ended up as an agruement between equating Britian with England.

their birth places
Of the 17,000 men
12173 came from Britian of which

6987 were born in England
3579 were born in Ireland
1154 were born in Scotland
462 were born in Wales

361 from America, thus preserving the 10 to 1 between Canada and the Yanks
123 from the West Indies
30 from Canada, of whom 20 from Newfoundland
5 from Bermuda
5 from assorted western hemisphere
524 from the western Hemisphere

115 from Italy
78 from Sweden
73 from Germany, excluding Prussia
63 from Holland
56 from Portugal
54 from Prussia
53 from France
32 from Denmark
25 from Norway
24 from Spain
8 from Russia
8 from Gibraltar
589 from Eupoe as a hold

20 from India, all with British names
17 from Africa

Their Ranks
4245 Landsman,
3785 Ordinary Seaman
3474 Able Seaman

apoximately 5000 petty officers and special trades

of the Officers
446 Midshipman
171 Lieutetent
30 Captain
86 other officers
773 all Officers

Tiger Handling Tip

On NPR the head of an commission that investigated the mauling of Roy Horn has a great tiger handling tip. "If you approach a tiger with a pocket full of bacon or smelling of food you might be attacked". Doesn't this remind you of that dog treat ad for beggin strips.