Thursday, June 29, 2006

Crazy Anger from the Wives of Terrorists

In today's Globe there is a story about the wives of muslim terror suspects. These wives ionhabited an online space where they exchanged opinions about how to keep to strict sharia law. They also had harsh opinions about Canada.
Ms. Farooq's hatred for the country is palpable. She hardly ever calls Canada by its name, rather repeatedly referring to it as "this filthy country." It's a sentiment shared by many of her friends, one of whom states that the laws of the country are irrelevant because they are not the laws of God.
This group didn't find much to like about Canada, or any country.
Ms. Jamal's list of forbidden institutions goes beyond politics. Banking, membership in the United Nations, women's rights and secular law are all aspects of Canadian society she finds unacceptable.
What is scary about this story is that it shows that there is alot more Khadr families here.

PS: In the comments for this article there is a comment by an Elliott Leyton who also happens to be an expert on psychopaths, see Hunting Humans. For an expert in evil he has an interesting opi9nion. (see below)

Elliott Leyton from Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada writes: No one could possibly have more respect than I for the gallant guys and gals at the 'Refugee' board and the Dept of Immigration; but they've really outdone themselves this time by importing a pack of persons who hate this country and would love to destroy it. Just as a matter of interest: do we have any criteria at all for prospective 'New Canadians'?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lynching Victim's Odd Morality

I listened to an archived interview with the founder of the "Black Holocaust Museum" James Cameroon. 1930 he was almost lynched in the Marion, Indiana, his friends were, (see above). Cameroon recounts the entire episode from hanging with his friends to nearly hanging with friends in a more deadly way. The odd part of the story for me, that wasn't picked up on by the interviewer, was at the point of the armed robbery that got him arrested.

Cameroon and his friends hang out. They decide that they need beer money, I understand. Cameroon and his friends come upon a couple in an isolated car in lover's lane. One of Cameroon's friends hands him a gun. Then Cameroon notices that the man is one of his shoeshine customers. The man is the car is nice guy. Cameroon tells his "friends" he can't rob one of friends and hands over the gun and leaves. It turns out later that of the couple in the car come to bad end, the man is killed and woman raped.

What I don't understand is if James Cameroon was unwilling to rob someone he knew why was willing to standby and let someone else do the "job". At the point when Cameroon decided, as he says, that he wanted no involvement in an armed robbery he was holding a gun.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

US Soft on Terror (Saudi Arabia Terror that is)

Here is properly footnoted article about US-Saudi relations by Daniel Pipes. The article details instantances of US authorities adapting to Saudi prejudices. American companies as behaving badly to please the desert barbarians. American law enforcement authorities not prosecuting Saudis for criminal actions that extend to slavery. Spooky.

But then the Republican Party under Lincoln was against slavery. The current Republican Party however in more in favor of deregulation to help the economy.

Spooky Sniper Training Film

While trolling around in a torrent tracking site looking for World Cup footage I came accross an oddity of a documentry, German Snipers - Der deutsche Scharfsch├╝tze 1944 (English-German) was a British trianing film put together from captured German training films. Here is the copy from the Pirate Bay listing.
Silent, motionless and deadly, German snipers lurked on the European battlefields of World War 2, hunting enemy sharpshooters, supporting assaults and laying diabolical traps on defense. Drawn from two German military training films made in 1944, this program provides fascinating views of tactics, weapons and camouflage techniques that are still viable today.
When I play Counter-Strike I hate the snipers. Because They are able to pick me off before I can use my spray and pray technique. However on the rare occasions when I can get nice clean kill it is more satistifying than all random hits from recconaisance by fire.

The photo is a Soviet sniper from an photography dealer. I remember coming accross another exhibit of Soviet photos from Stalingrad. In one case the photographer never changed the film, no film and/or didn't know how. So in the entire battle of Stalingrad he only took 20 frames.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Security Risks

"I took Jim Judd aside and said, 'What the hell are you doing?' " Mr. Hamdani recalls. "If you flag everyone who supports Palestine, that's 98 per cent of the Muslim population. I support Palestine -- am I a security threat?"
Communists were considered security threats in the Cold War for two reasons because were more loyal to their party, and the Soviet Union, than to their own countries. And because they supported violent revolution, if not in their own countries then somewhere else in the world, communists could not be good security risks.

Today many if not most Muslims in western countries can also be considered security risks for similar reasons. Many Muslims are more loyal to global community of Islam, The Ummah, then to their own fellow citizens. Secondly there are many supporters in the Muslim community of violent revolution, or jihad, in this case to impose Muslim rule. They may not support violent revolution here and now but many Muslims do support jihad somewhere right now. That is enough reason to consider Muslims in non-Muslim countries security threats.

Article in Friday 9, July 2006 Globe and Mail
Alienation at home, criticism form aboard

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Current Reading: To Afghanistan and Back

Ted Rall, one of my favorite editorial cartoonist, has a book out about his trip to the start of the latest Afghan War. The book, To Afghanistan and Back, is great war reportage as well as being an adventure story. Adventure has been defined as someone having a horrible time far awayMy favorite section is where he goes into details about bathing facilities. He pays extra to get a rusty can cold water to pour over himself. He finds out later that water comes from a open sewer. Yum.

The story of foreign corespondents has been coverage in many other books. Philip Knightly wrote a history of the war corespondents, The First Causalty. The story is told from The Times corespondent Russel in the Crimea to now. Russel, in his relation other war correspondants called himself "the miserable parent of a luckless tribe". See here for more discussion about Russel and jouralism history with Knightly on On The Media. In the book Good Omens, the incarantion War one of the four Horsemen is the best war corespondent in history. Finally, I have a memoir of a war correspondant with the horrible title of Anyone here's been raped and speaks English.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Skyscaper Mania

The Economist has an interesting article about the Skyscapers. The Economist article repeats the way that skyscrapers are negative indicator of prosperity, the biggest are designed in boom times and by the time they are finished sit empty.

The article mentions the Skyscraper Museum, where the picture on the right is from. The Skyscraper Museum has a number of interesting web exhibits including this these images of a tower under construction. And a gallery of the favorite NYC towers.

Don't forget to look at James Lileks' archive of old, forgotten and never built towers.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bussiness Action Figures

A group DotCommunist refugees in Toronto, called Happy Worker have created "action figures" of the business world. The figure on the right is Bossman, he also has other accessories such as MBA diploma and cigar. There are several other toys in this line, Moneyman, Geekman and Supermom. ha ha.