Monday, March 07, 2011

Who's The Biggest DICtator, Jerks with Power Face Off

People often argue, I for one, about who is the worse tyrant. I have argued in the past That Stalin was a worse murder than Hitler. My argument is that Stalin killed longer, he killed more people, he killed people, he killed his friends, he died in bed. Stalin had a wide range of people who worshiped him. Paul Robeson had some of his friends killed by Stalin and his minions, some of his friends were Stalin's minions. Despite these killings Robeson remained a committed communist and an admirer of Stalin.

Since it all a matter of a degrees of dark gray the Dictators Contest was created. The Dictators Contest and Secound Dictator's Contest are in a playoff system. So that the ultimate outcome depends on the bracketing of the various contestants/perps/criminals.

There is no credit as to the creator of these contest, the home page of the for the site is disabled. The link came from Jokerang on the thread Dictator Come Back.

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