Saturday, January 28, 2006

Culture and Warflicks

I heard an interview with Walter Murch, the editor on Apocalypse Now, about revisiting that film as "The village attack scene" otherwise known as the "Ride of the Valkyries" scene as it was incorporated into the recent film Jarhead. When Apocalypse Now" was made it was thought to be an anti war because of "The horror...the horror". In the movie (and the book) Jarhead the troops get riled up by watching Apocalypse Now and huming along to the Ride of the Valkyries.

Recently I got the soundtrack to Jarhead, on the recomendation of a friend. I was looking around the net for more information about the sound track when I came accross this enigamtic comment on a review page of CD Universe.
Looking for something more
It had some of the main titles on there, but not all of the songs that I was expecting were on the CD.
Submitted by megamp in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Friday, January 27, 2006

Going Out of Print

A long account about how copyright laws are being hijacked for the benefit of large multinationals or what can be worse an author's ex-spouse's step-grandchildren by her third marriage.

From Boingboing

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fly Swatting Frog Game

On Newgrounds is a new game called Bughunt . In this game you swat flies with your tongue.

Hamas and other non-democratic parties

The terrorists won big in the recent PA election continueing to put paid to the idea that elections are the neccessary part of democratization. Hamas like other non-democratic parties has lots of parts that are not found in mature and stable democracies. Hamas like the PLO, ANC, and the IRA has its own flag and army. Like the others it is described as having an armed wing. They are terror groups with political wings as some sort of figleaf of legitmacy.

There are two compenents to well functioning modern "western like" societies. There is democracy and the rule of law. The problem is that if societies go directly to democracy with out improving their rule of law the result is anrchy. Multiparty democracy results only multi-army states.

Here is Hamas supporters waving the Hamas Party Flag. When will Hamas change the PA flag from the PLO party flag to their party flag.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Don't Be Evil Part n

It is good to see that Google is refusing to comply with a fishing expedition by the dirty minded US Dept of Justice. The sexually obsessed lawyers have put more resources in cracking down on "legal" pornography then on other more pressing concerns. Americans haven't charged anyone with employing illegal immigrants in the last five years.

Google resistence is in sharp contrast to the kowtowing that Yahoo made to the ChiComs. Yahoo turned over the name behind an email account to the "chinese authorities". Would you turn over a name to the gestapo, chinese commies killed more than the Nazis and they are still in power.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ted Rall's View of Cultural Evolution

Ted Rall's view of cultural evolution from print to screens. He describes the internet as something you have to create crap for. I am trying to do my part of adding to the net by creating crap.

Star Trek Recipes

Years ago at a storefront improv theatre down on Queen Street I had Romulan Ale. It was a fan version of the Star Trek drink.

While watching Star Trek:DS9 last night I was looking around for details of something called a "Black Hole", an eye opener, I looked around for for Star Trek recipes. The great thing about the web is the more nerdy a subject is the easier it is to find. I found a trove of Star Trek recipes, now offline but which can be replaced with K'Tesh Klingon Recipes. Gagh and Bloodwine are listed as well as non-Klingon potables such as Romulan Ale. A cocktail recipe is listed for Bloodwine which seems more than a little booze and Everclear. Next time I'm watching Klingons I'll try a glass of port

Great Blues Lyrics #1

I was listening to a boxset of BB King, King of the Blues, when I heard a great line. The song was Recession Blues from 1958, the same late 50's recession that killed the Edsel. Blues lyrics cut and pasted from Harry's Blues Lyrics.

Yes, I can't afford no liquor,
all I can buy is beer and wine

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The History of Brass Technology

In a recent Early Music program , January 7 2007, was devoted to horn technology. Here is a screen scrape from the page for this program. This lecture/concert answered a lot of my questions as a long time brass player.

Here is a link to the program.

The History of the Horn

Saturday 7 January 2006 13:00-14:00 (Radio 3)

Roger Montgomery describes and demonstrates the progression of the Horn from Cave to Concert Hall, taking in a Tibetan Monastery and a Swiss Alp on the way.

Music to include Va taciti from Handel's Julius Caesar, Mozart Duet for two natural horns, Dauprat Duo and a Divertimento by Gallay for the Clagget patent horn - every home should have one.