Thursday, January 19, 2006

Star Trek Recipes

Years ago at a storefront improv theatre down on Queen Street I had Romulan Ale. It was a fan version of the Star Trek drink.

While watching Star Trek:DS9 last night I was looking around for details of something called a "Black Hole", an eye opener, I looked around for for Star Trek recipes. The great thing about the web is the more nerdy a subject is the easier it is to find. I found a trove of Star Trek recipes, now offline but which can be replaced with K'Tesh Klingon Recipes. Gagh and Bloodwine are listed as well as non-Klingon potables such as Romulan Ale. A cocktail recipe is listed for Bloodwine which seems more than a little booze and Everclear. Next time I'm watching Klingons I'll try a glass of port

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Anonymous said...

Sadly the site is no longer there, though clearly our nerdy need to make Gaak and have a Ferengi Black Hole is.