Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ötzi The Biker

This image is from Album: A New Face for Ötzi the Iceman Mummy. It is part of an article/slide show about Ötzi the Ice Man. Found this link in a Fox News (horrors) article about Ötzi, 'Iceman' mummy holds world's oldest blood cells.

The comments for these pictures are uses a facebook app. Because of that the comments are more pop cultural than scientific.

Looks like he was born to ride.

Just a small mild irredendist comment. Ötzi was found 92 metres inside Italy. Or to say 92 metres inside Italian occupied Austrian South Tyrol. Don't tell me that the issue is resolved.  The Gruber–De Gasperi Agreement was signed in 1946, not a time when the Austria had a lot of diplomatic leverage and was still occupied by the Soviets among  others.

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