Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boardwalk Empire Economy 1920: New Dress

I do so love this.
Candidate Harding's girlfriend

Mademoiselle's taste is excellent.
Madame Jeunet

How much is it?
Candidate Harding's girlfriend

Madame Jeunet

Boardwalk Empire S01E09

in 2009 the relative worth of $480.00 from 1920 is:

$5,140.00 using the Consumer Price Index

$4,100.00 using the GDP deflator

$12,000.00 using the value of consumer bundle

$17,600.00 using the unskilled wage

$23,300.00 using the Production Worker Compensation

$26,800.00 using the nominal GDP per capita

$77,400.00 using the relative share of GDP

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