Sunday, September 25, 2005

Comments, Spam and Other

Since starting this blog I have received comments for many of the posts. I have brought up manybizarre and absurd topics such as the right of bears to defend their forrests. However the comments I mainly get, aside from a couple from authentic humans, is spam from advertising blogs. There probably be some lame spam comment for this post, just wait. The spam usually as follows,
Anonymous says, "I really like your blog, you are as fine an individual who has taught me much about the world and myself. Take a look at my blog of pointless advertising."

There must be some evil spambot some where that leaves pointless and meaningless advertising on updated blogs. At first I was pleased that some one cared enough comments. Now I want to hunt down creator and users of the blogspambot and crucify them. Then I play a killing game and thirst for blood is sated.

1 comment:

Wolf K said...

Hi Jon,

I noted that one of your blogs with "entrepreneurial" in its title attracted 3 spambot comments, which all invited you to visit some marketing or moneymaking site.

Moral: if you don't want spambots, be careful what words you put in your titles.

Take care,