Monday, January 22, 2007

The Rockets Red Glare

There isn't alot of commerce in most of the Star Trek series. That is understandable when most of the characters are career millitary who spend most of their time in space. Sailors have gotten a rep for being free spenders because they don't spend money afloat. They spend some time and most of their money ashore and most of their time and ony some of their money at sea. Other people have seen the lack of economic activity in Star Trek as omniously encouraging communism.

A Star Wars fan Michael Wong created a site, StarDestroyer, to argue up Star Wars and down Star Trek. He thinks that the Federation's industrial capacity is limited compared to Imperial industrial capacity. He calls fans of Star Trek "Federation Cultists". Another essay, The Economics of Star Trek, of his slams Star Trek for being a communist state ruled with tyranny. Many of Michael Wong's argruements are interesting and well argrued, he also has a special section devoted to hate mail. In a contest between Star Wars tech and Star Trek tech, Star Wars is going to win. In Star Trek humanity has been in space for less than 500 years. In Star Wars space was explored in prehistory. That said all of the essays and analyses are interesting and amusing.

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