Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fads and Fickle Voters

As a college professor and parent of college kids, one thing I have observed over the years is that this age cohort changes its mind often. One minute they are excited, the next minute they are bored with a candidate. Most of the college kids I know that were excited for Obama last winter are now questioning his qualifications and moving on to people like Nader (perhaps because they don't remember 2000)or even McCain. During every election cycle over the last 40 years reporters have discussed the youth vote, proclaiming it will be the big year for young voters, and every year they are disappointed. I hope they turn out in force and express their voices, but again, don't count on it all to be for Obama. I have seen more ardent support for Ron Paul than for any other candidate at my university. As researchers have pointed out, most young people do not have full brain development until their mid twenties, which might explain why their participation in electoral politics is often unpredictable.

AZhistorian, in Salon discussion about the "youth vote".

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