Sunday, May 03, 2009

Band of Brothers (Pacific)

In the wikipedia entry for With The Old Breed there is a reference that the same crew/production team that created the miniseries Band Of Brothers has been filming a new series, The Pacific, partially based on this book. I haven't finished reading it, With the Old Breed, beyond knowing the author survived WWII, thank you Atom Bomb, I don't how it turns out.


Timbo said...

"Thank God For The Atom Bomb" (I think that was the title) was by Paul Fussell. Fussell was a soldier in WW2, as you know. Also wrote "Wartime: Behavior and Understanding In WW2". He was the guy who probably discovered E.B. Sledge, the author of "With The Old Breed". If he didn't discover him, he certainly made the world aware of him through the Wartime book.

Baron von Feldspar said...

I read an article about E.B. Sledge, which I didn't bookmark, detailing the publishing history of "With The Old Breed". It was originally going to be privately published for his family and friends. When he sent an except to a veteran's newsletter it was recognized as something different. The rest is history.

The line "thank god for the atom bomb" was included without attribution because you would recognize the literary reference.