Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halo Ad as Short Film

I have tried some of the earlier versions Halo a couple of times. It never really appealed to me for a number of reasons. When I play a game I want to kill humans, not robots or aliens. It doesn't meaningful without dead humans. I used to play a FPS that was created by the US army. In that game whatever side you were on, red or blue, looked to you as US Army the other side was the always the other. The other problem I had with my small taste of Halo in the past was the "console controls". On of the problems of playing a FPS is that you never see yourself, console games shift the camera around so that sometimes your viewpoint, "camera", was over the shoulder of game character you are controlling and sometimes the camera was looking at your character. This ad makes me rethink my opinion of Halo and related games.

The only other version of this ad I have seen is a scant 30 seconds cut down from the full length of this ad which is 2 ½". When I watch TV on TV, especially late night, one has to suffer through ad blocks that are exactly the same. The ad blocks are usually made up of 5 30 second ads. Advertisers need not endlessly repeat ads. It leads to people, me, hating, despising and ultimately avoiding any product whose identical ad I see 10 or more times in any 3 hour period.

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