Monday, April 10, 2006

Elected Landslides

Different goverments rebuild after a diaster differently. The suggestion that not all of New Orleans will be rebuild or repopulated has upset many people. However since the most badly hit parts of New Orleans are also the lowest and most vunerable to future flooding. It often a question after a diaster how much effort goes into repairing or prevention.

When the earthquake hit Kashmir last winter it hit Pakistan occupied Kashmir worse than on theIndian side. There were no reports of the conditions in ChiCom occupied Kashmir, probably a restricted military zone. One reason for greater destruction in Pakistan occupied Kashmir is that Pakistan settlement policies have led to a higher densities at higher elevations on land that is ecologically precarious and physically unstable. These settlement policies still being persued in Pakistan. On the PBS Newshour a Pakistan government official, army officer, was interviewed. To relocate and resettle the families that were displaced by earthquake the Pakistan regime will only give funding for rebuilding if people rebuild back up in the mountains, where they pushed out by the quake. The story profiled the case of family that has money to rebuild, but no more land, it slid away.

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