Monday, June 30, 2008

Clinton and Bush Meet in Hell

GGeorge W. Bush dies and enters Hell.

There, the devil leaves him with three doors to open, either showing a different punishment for all eternity. Bush will have to choose one.

Bush opens the first door and sees Napoleon being slaughtered to death by several midgets and then sewed together again while still being 'alive'.

The devils says: "This is a neverending circle Mr Bush... "

Bush gulps and opens the second door and sees Hitler being plunged into burning lava, then pulled out again, and plunged into the lava again, also 'alive'.

The devil says: "This is a neverending circle as well Mr Bush..."

Bush opens the third door, terrifyed. Then, he sees how Bill Clinton gets a blowjob from Monica Lewinsky. Bush suddenly starts to laugh and tells the devil: "Well, if this is your sense of eternal punishment.. I'll take door three!

The devil says: "Allright, Monica. You can leave."

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