Monday, January 05, 2009

Nuke your Neighbourhood

Ground Zero is a Google map mashup created to map blast patterns from a number of popular nuclear bomb on an address of your choice.

I know we are supposed to be appalled by the prospect of nuclear weapons. When Little Boy and Fatman were used at the end of WWII there were not the radical innovations is inhumanity that we view them today. WWII saw the devlopment of mass bombing fleets and 1000 boomber raids. Dresden,Warsaw and Tokyo were burned with what we would consider today to be low tech unguided munitions. Atomic bombs gave hope of saving aircrews. That was then. Now a raft of guided missiles is cheaper and simpler to use than stategetic weapons. A small number of city killers will still be needed but tactical nukes don't give enough freedom of action.

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