Saturday, March 21, 2009

Working for The Rat

In a thread at NeenerNeenerNeener has some wonderful unsubstantiated stories about working for Disney.

I did some work for Disney, in the offices at the fabled Disneyland (behind the scenes, so to speak). I think the company motto is “The beatings shall continue until moral improves.” Ah, Disneyland. 1 security guy for every 5 tourists.

And DisneyWorld! My sister goes there a lot. They have 4 kids and one time she was there a security type told her to keep a close eye on her kids because at any one time there would be 3 child abduction rings working the park. If your kid comes up missing they usher you into a room with like 50 security monitors so you can try to spot your kid being whisked away.

I went to the Disney store in W. L.A. one time, and asked the girl behind the counter, “What’s it like working for the rat?” She looked around furtively and asked, “Which one?” True.

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