Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart Makes Jim Crammer Drown in His Own Flop Sweat

Here (pt 1, pt 2 and pt 3) is the slap down of Jim Cramer and by extension the vacuity of TV business journalism. I don't have a problem with business journalism. Much of its content can be best parts of the newspaper with long and detailed articles by knowledgeable beat reporters. But that is written journalism. Much of live TV "news" shows are merely a display of stream of conciousness. When not giving updates the hours are filled with rambling mumblings of touts, cheats and hacks.

As way of explanation to the problem of filling time in the exchange on thursday night between Cramer and Stewart.
Jim Cramer: ...we[meaning CNBC] have 17 hours of live TV a day to do.
Jon Stewart: maybe you could cut down on it

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