Monday, April 27, 2009

Madness from the Fans of the ChiComs and other Commie Bastards

What is with Adrienne Clarkson? In the Globe and Mail on Friday she pens praise to the crazy madman commie Norman Bethune; Remember Bethune? Apparently not. In the Sunday Toronto Star, Let's elect our head of state; she is positively referred to in an op-ed by a committed Canadian republican, in other words in the writings of a traitor. Let us leave the case of the madness of republicanism, if the fact that "el presidente" is a the title that most despots of the last 50 years have held cannot convince such ideologues.

Norman Bethune was a great man. He pioneered the technology of mobile blood banks. He was in the Spanish civil war on the side of legitimate government. I myself attended school in the same building that he was educated. Yes, he was a great man. But to turn to communism in the age of Stalin shows a distinct lack of sanity. Because of WWII many remember Stalin somewhat positively. He helped the west defeat Hitler and Nazis and the then occupied most of Hitler's Eastern European conquests. Except we, in the west allied with a regime that had killed 20 million defeat another regime that was going to kill 10 million. In China there was another dilemma. Norman Bethune and other commies helped to replace a corrupt and incompetent regime with an incorruptible and competent tyranny. Mao eventually, after the death of Bethune, went on to kill 20 million plus people. Like Stalin. Like Stalin his name is not a curse of the world's lips. Instead, like Stalin, Mao corpse squats in the centre of his conquered capital.

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