Friday, September 04, 2009

Malaysian Employers Complain About "Expensive" Employees

In many developed countries the average industrial wage tracks pretty closely to GNP per capita, as example here is a report with the Irish Republic's industrial wage. However in Malaysia employers have so hated the idea of paying people enough to live on that want to import workers form Bangladesh and other poverty stricken areas, Foreign Employees Limited, Malaysia Is Suffering Through a Labor Shortage, see Money for Nothing. For the record they don't a labor shortage but a shortage of people willing to accept crap wages. This also the reason that "business" Republicans in the US want there to a floating population of illegal aliens willing to accept crap wages.

There must be a rule of acquisition that everything is negotiable up or down, except wages for employees.

GNP per capita
Industrial wage
650 to 700 ringgit ($183 to $197) per month
or $2196 to $2364 per year

as comparison
GNP per capita
Industrial Wage

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