Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great Review of the Dear Leader's Film Criticism

My mind was simply blown away!!! The dear leader is an author par-excellence. Given that it was written in 6 hours flat, this book is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is sad that the biased western media has not recognised the great man's writing abilities. Nor have the reindeer eating ignoramuses in Sweden considered the master for the Nobel Prize for literature. Not that the great man needs one.

In this book, his greatness discusses, in depth, the fine intricacies of various aspects of film making from kidnapping directors and their wives, to ordering people in to movie theatres.

As the person who solely invented 3D cinema, digital projection and bullet time photography, his Kimness can teach a thing or two to posers like Speilberg. But his shortness's abilities are not limited to film production techniques. He directed what is the undoubtedly the greatest movie of all time, Dairy of a Girl Student and also lesser known movies like Star wars, Saving Private Ryan and God Father 1&2. Godfather 3 was not directed by Lil Kim and hence sucked big time.

The Kim man also reveals in the book, his dabblings in alternative cinema, directing and starring in masterpieces like Kim goes South, Interracial Kimming and Kimm until she's Ill, which although is widely considered to be the greatest adult movie ever made, is not available outside due to privacy concerns. Fears of leaking these masterpieces to the western devils is rumoured to be the reason why North Koreans don't have access to the internet. But the movies can apparently be bought on BetaMax in North Korea for an average monthly salary of a North Korean or 1 piece of bread.

To summarise read this book or face the firing squad when the revolution comes.

Mark Twang's review of this book, On the Art of the Cinema: April 11,1973, has been able to capture the stilted rhetoric of a Red Guard. Admittedly we have fewer examples of North Korean communist rhetoric but this seemed as similar to Maoist writing for one person to consider this review "racist". Proving to me at least to me that those who charge "racism" are the true morons of our age.

I found this in a Foreign Policy article about the lousy literature that dictators inflict on the world, Bad Politics, Worse Prose. The article examines the conditions that prevents dictators from producing good work, namely a subservient, adoring public and a complete lack of professional editing. This is also a good explanation for how the Star Wars prequels were just so lousy. The generalissimo Lucas may have been a great director in his day.

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