Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The SUV of Winterwear

The SUV craze got weird because people would overestimate their need for them. They were been bought by suburbanites who needed four wheel drive for about an hour every year. Canada Goose parkas seem to be the in this category, bought by the clueless and fashion obsessed. The only "Canada Goose" parkas I see in Toronto are their bomber jacket, not a style of clothing to keep you warm when not sitting down.

There are not many winter jacket brands out there. A winter jacket needs to meet certain function requirements before satisfying fashion needs. I think "Canada Goose" needs to tone down its marketing or it will destroy its brand value. Their bomber jacket needs to be dropped. Or "Canada Goose" will only be connected in many people's mind/ my mind as the parka for idiots who don't know that winter exists.

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