Friday, November 09, 2012

ChiCom Censors As Just Another Form of Executive Meddling

Read an interesting article in Foreign Policy about a journalist and her censor, Me and My Censor. I have read many other stories, historical and fictional, of censorship in the past, Newspeak and Stalinist airbrushing being the most notable. This story show something else, it makes scary ChiCom censorship as something no worse than Executive Meddling, see TV Tropes, which is pretty bad itself.

However we before start having positive feelings for soft and cuddly commies is that there worse things that resistance to executive meddling can cause such as unemployment/underemployment. Communists on the other hand play hard ball in very hard and nasty ways. See an earlier post at this blog, Death of a Communist Hitman 40 Years Ago. Check out this talk by a KGB infiltrator, Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press, 1984 - Complete.We need to remember that Commies are evil, and if they are not they are stupid, check out Odd Definition of Loyalty / Treason Among America's "Civil Rights Community" which explores Paul Robeson's moral blindness.

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