Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hillary Hatred

A NY Times blogger has posted an article about Hillary Clinton hatred, All You Need is Hate. What is as interesting as his article is in comments. Some of the Hillary haters are rabid right wingers but many others are Democrats. Slate Magazine has compared Hilliary Clinton to the character Tracy Flick from the movie Election. It is suggested that Hillary hatred is one things propelling the candidacy of Obama. But I generally consider excessive charisma a negative sign in a politician, such popularity easily allows incompetents to be elected. After George Bush do the Americans really need another coke snorting ivy league glad hander. As if the ability to have beer somebody indicates that a pol has technical and moral qualities for high office.

Luka from the comments in All you Need Is Hate boils the argument this way.
Shouldn’t competence be a major reason to elect someone in office? This nation had 7 years of a cool dude with grand visions, that seemed soo compassionate and friendly. We need to sober up. We need a hard-working realist to clean up the mess.

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