Wednesday, November 25, 2009

American Political Disengagement

Josh Fruhlinger the Comics Curmudgeon has an explanation for political disengagement and apathy by the average American on one his past columns of editorial cartoons, History’s Most Important Election In An Odd-Numbered Year, In Cartoon Form.

Generally speaking, most Americans can barely be bothered to vote during important elections — you know, the ones with years divisible by four! It’s even harder getting them off of their Dorito-stained couches to cast their ballots when it’s a year that’s an even number that isn’t divisible by four, and when we’re talking odd-numbered years, well, you can just totally forget about that. I realize that all this math is way, way beyond what most Americans can handle, and yet through some instinct, they can distinguish; my theory is that they can tell how important an election is by the volume of the shouting from the glowing picture-box in the living room.

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