Sunday, March 25, 2012

TAC's Road Safety Campaign

I had a little insomnia last night and ended up watching road safety videos from TAC. The Transport Accident Commission, Youtube channel, "is the statutory insurer of third-party personal liability" for vehicle accidents in the Australian state of Victoria. As such they have a vested interest in car safety. The above is a compilation of TAC's greatest hits so to speak.One of the best things about these PSA's instead the ones produced by MADD. is that there are concerned with the entire range of possible traffic accidents and not just ones concerning alcohol. There are ads on the importance wearing full leathers while on a motorcycle. There even was an ad where a minivan driving mother, with her own children, runs down a toddler despite being not drunk, not on drugs, not on the cell phone, wearing a seat belt, not distracted, just slightly faster.

MADD on the other hand has produced PSA's involving with no driving, no vehicles, no witchcraft, no watercraft except the danger of camping and beer. I agree that drinking and watercraft don't go together, but for MADD all booze is demon rum. MADD focuses on the morality of drinking, TAC focuses on road safety.

It is interesting that sometimes PSA's crafted for small parochial organizations can produce work that has a global impact. I was thinking of The Montana Meth Project, see Spooky Anti-Drug Ads; and the amazing and disturbing work that they do. The advantage that these groups have over highly funded national and international campaigns is focus and resolve.

Here is what I think is their most moving ad, "Haunted, which seems to make guilt a visible yet fleeting presence.

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