Saturday, March 03, 2012

Chicom Hothead Defines the Rule of Law

Peking University professor Kong Qingdong is being interviewed after a video of a mainland Chinese woman eating  in Hong Kong subway went viral. Apparently it is against the rules to eat in the Hong Kong subway and many in subway car were appalled by her bold faced misbehavior and this led to flame war between Hong Kong and the chicom netizens.  

The good professor rants on about all the things about Hong Kong that he hates. But then he shows an interesting insight in the thought process communists. Western businessmen should remember that China is not Hong Kong writ large. Communist China lacks the rule of law. For Kong Qingdong this is okay because the rule of law is only for degenerates. 

At the  5:55 mark
  • Interviewer: But I heard that the environment of hpng kong is cleaner than us [Beijing].
  • Kong Qingdong: That is because the rule of law, not because of (human) quality.Just like Singapore the fine for smoking is 5000. That is rule of law, right. The reliance on rule law shows the people have no quality.
(taken directly from the English subtitles) 
(from a link at China Droll)

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