Friday, August 03, 2012

Recruiting Poster for Dogs

If you ever trapped under a
ton of rubble, I promise to sniff you out.
I promise to be worth ever cent of the $10,00
that it took to train me. 
I promise to ignore all other more fascinating smells
and concentrate on the scent of live humans.
I promise to go about my work with a wagging tail, 
even if my paws get sore.
promise to never five up.

Text from ad above tramscribed because
 it is hard to make out even in larger image. 
From the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
which did not a copy of their print ad on their website.

In the comic Get Fuzzy Satchel Pooch reveals that his father was a sheep dog. As Satchel, a not very bright dog, explains a sheep dog is a smart dog with an intellectually demanding job. Satchel would probably consider search and rescue dogs in similar high regard. Curiously search and rescue is now the most prestigious job in many modern militaries. It is not a coincidence that Prince William is a search and rescue helicopter pilot. 

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