Friday, August 03, 2012

Vegan Altrenative History

Here is a new TV ad from IKEA that postulates a world without textiles. The invention of textiles was a momentous one for world history but people were able to live out textiles. What people been unable to live without, especially in the higher latitudes, is leather and fur. As not far back as living memory the Inuit were without fabrics but of course had leather and fur. You could even do a similar video about only using leather and fur except it wouldn't all that weird at all.

For a normal some of the fur/leather non textile replacements are less practicable and expensive. On the other hand many "make works" are actually the default in our world with textiles. I have heard that some committed vegans actually try to live their lives without leather shoes and other animal byproducts. One begin to think that this ad pushes such a vegan agenda.

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