Saturday, August 04, 2012

Not Much of Difference Between Nazis and Commiess

(mugshot of Witold Pilecki taken in Auschwitz [1943])

(mugshot of Witold Plecki as taken in from Mokotów prison [1947])

While ambling around in Wikipedia I come across the story of Witold Pilecki, pictured in both sets of mugshots, before from his wiki page. A Polish career officer, he volunteered to be imprisoned in Auschwitz, then escaped. After WWII he was killed in Soviet occupied Poland by the Soviets after being "convicted" by Polish Commies.

The reason I see them as the same is because they killed/kill and jailed/jail in similar ways. They had/have the same enemies. They made/make the same enemies. In this case they jailed the same man.

Nazism is totally discredited today. Its only adherents the twisted stupid and the dumb violent. Communism in all its doctrinal and regional varieties is able to attract some good, intelligent, sincere, people who believe in the virtues of Communism. It is the some individual commies personal virtues that blinds us to the sickness of their political philosophy.

It is time that people treat communists with the same mixture of disgust and pity that neo-nazis are treated.

And communists, communist movements, communist terrorist groups, and communist governments  are still killing people today.

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