Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Chinese Business Mirage

China has never been a very good market for foreign goods. Historically China was self sufficent in food and manufactured items. Their had little need or desire for foreign goods. There were the only source for silk, tea and porcelin. There were willing to take silver and gold. After the 19th century there were willing buy curiosities like clocks and bicycles. At one Lancastershire textile mill owners thought their prosperity would be assured if everyone in China wore a sightly longer shirt. It was a mirage. The only time when the rest of the world was able to reverse the currency drain built in to the China was to sell dope.

Over the last generation government and business leaders in the west have promoted trade with China. The net result of all this expansion of trade has been a permament Chinese trade surplus. China is willing to buy raw materials but not manufactured goods. The expansion of trade has been zero benefit to all but China. Instead we have business groups agitating for policies that promote a tyrannical communist regime. Here is the story of today of a fake Chinese Disneyland.

At Cartoon Brew where I got this link somebody pointed out the website for this pseudo amusement park is

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