Thursday, May 24, 2007

Famous Writers as Reporters

Yes I know that many famous writers have been reporters and have honed their craft in the daily grind of deadline writing. A Blogger Iowahawk has this entry of famous writers manning desks and filing copy, Raymond Chandler reporting on crime, Sylvie Plath on weather, Bill Shakespear on wedding announcements and Hunter S Thompson reporting on community sports. All the reports are very funny. Here is a snippet of Hunter S Thompson report on TBall.
When we finally got to Wayzata we made our way to the baseball complex, built in ’76 by the crewcut fascists of the local American Legion to dull the pain of the Vietnam horror. The parking lot was crammed with every manner of minivan – Caravans, Voyagers, Windstars, Siennas, the bloated metal three-row-seating carcasses of a filthy cul-de-sac world driven half insane by rot, hate, and juice box schedules.

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