Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Obama or Dr Who SuperVillain you Decide

In Dr Who S03E12 the Doctor, Martha Jones and Captain Jack are discussing the electoral appeal of John Saxon, AKA the Master. What follows is is an examination of the the appeal of charismatic politicians who speak their empty words perfectly.

Martha Jones
I was going to vote for him.

The Doctor

Martha Jones
It was before I even met you and I liked him.

Captain Jack
Me too.

The Doctor
Why do you say that? What was his policy? what did he stand for?

Martha Jones
I don't know he always sounded good. Like you could trust him. Just nice. He spoke about, I can't even remember but it was good. Just the sound of his voice.


Anonymous said...

It is a false dichotomy that charisma is necessarily incompetence.

Baron von Feldspar said...

For many charisma implies competence.