Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Radical Groups Help Structure the Lives of Criminals

Farrakhan has provided a framework of discipline that has made respectable citizens of angry young men. And we should be grateful that they are on the corner selling fruit and not ravaging our communities with crime.
Andrew Young on On Point Mar 19, 2007
starting at 00:26:30

Andrew Young gives reasons to excuse the violent and extremist Nation of Islam because somehow it provides "discipline" to those who would otherwise end up gangs. What he is forgetting that bow ties are just another type of gang color for a group that was founded by an ex-con, is embraced by ex-cons and whose most famous member, Malcolm X, joined from prison. Just another violent gang no matter how much surface respectability spiffy bow ties gives its members.

See also details surrounding the murder of Chauncey Bailey, an Oakland newspaper editor investigating a Nation of Islam business.

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